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God’s reality check won’t bounce – Steve Holmes

God’s reality check won’t bounce

Dec 22, 2019 4:01 AM
Steve Holmes

Received, December 18, 2019

I had a 2 hour face to face (in the spirit) discussion last night with Jesus, both God and man. He has given me much to share and told me to “share every word of it.” Here is a very brief overview and summary.

For the love of God, people, get ready for the biggest shaking of eternity. Get right with God. He told me that “time is up and I have released my judgments. They cannot be stopped.”

There is literally no turning back. We wasted the time he gave the USA to repent. He said that “war is now coming and very, very few, hand picked people will survive in the United States.”

Wickedness will not survive the ultimate pouring out of his justice and judgment, and neither shall the wicked, but not even the “sometimes disobedient” righteous will be spared, as is obvious from those destroyed in the great flood at the time of Noah. Babylon the great is slated for total destruction, and if you are in it, how do you expect to survive the destruction? You would have to be tin-foil-hat crazy to think you are an exception who can outsmart God- who can dispatch an angel to escort you from your body to hell faster than you can read this sentence.

He said he is Holy, pure, righteous and just and he will not be mocked by man. He said he is worthy to be praised, honored and worshipped (that’s an understatement), and that he is tired of being mocked and scorned, that he deserves better.

Church, you better resign yourself to being persecuted, for it stands written, “All who live Godly in Christ Jesus SHALL suffer persecution.”

Great darkness has come upon this nation by choice, and it is about to get infinitely worse. Mankind has exalted itself above it’s maker, and that has made him angry with this nation to the point of great wrath. Forget the “MAGA” rhetoric. Without national repentance since 911, this nation has burned it’s last opportunity for God’s greatness. Instead, we face judgment, wrath and destruction. Go read Revelation 18 if you think I am delusional- then YOU go spend 2 hours at his feet listening to his grievances and get back to me.

The fear of the Lord is coming unlike anything you have imagined. That will bring a spiritual revival of holiness and repentance to the humbled, but no flesh is going to glory in his presence. He will no longer tolerate it. Repent of it, Brothers and Sisters.

The concepts we have of living a holy life before the Lord are perverse and tainted with the stench of sin, self righteousness, filth and all manner of abominations and uncleanness. Playing that game is over. Those who continue will find themselves far from God and not caring. He said, “You shall have no other ‘god’s’ before me.” There aren’t any, and therefore making one’s self out to be God and usurping him is idolatry and antichrist. Repent.

There will be noplace that is safe to hide from his judgments and certainly not from his wrath, except to be hidden in the shaddow of his wings. The passing over of the “death angel” is commencing, and you must have the love and the forgiveness of God through faith in the shed blood of Jesus upon the doorposts of your body, soul, spirit, heart and mind to be protected through the outpouring of his justice, and believe me, that means justice by HIS definition, not man’s.

His love is great and tender towards those that are his. His great anger is kindled towards those who continue to reject him, and his continual calls to repentance are being ignored. We are to REVERENCE him who is HOLY.

We are standing at the final moments of the literal “close of the age.” The sand in the hour glass has fallen. Pick up you spiritual swords, shields and armor, put them on correctly, and do NOT remove them. You are NOT safe from the attacks of the enemy without them. This battle from here and now to heaven is The Lord’s, but we are going to have to fight: Billions of human souls are being weighed in the balance. Are you willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING to accomplish his will in pouring out his pure love to your enemies whom God has called to be heirs of salvation? Don’t stay in a mode of being ashamed of him or of being used by him or he will be ashamed of you. You will NOT like that.

We are called to live lives of genuine humility and holiness at all times. He stressed that to me repeatedly, and he made it clear that his sacrifice for us was sufficient for him to rightly require it from us, but of course he wants it from our hearts. He is THE KING of kings and he has standards, decrees and commands that he is not flexible about. Be holy in all you think, say and do, or you are headed for correction.

I cannot begin to express how serious this time is that we have left. We MUST cling to Jesus because what is coming is no 8 second Uber “bull ride,” for there is a literal world war coming that will target ALL civillians and military that few have little hope of surviving. The attack upon the USA will be without mercy. We have already traded that away for “stuff” instead of SOULS.

PLEASE, people, I beg of you by the mercies of God to renounce ALL sin and vanity! Repent in sack cloth and ashes, face down in the dirt, at the nail pierced feet of Jesus, and take up your cross, be his disciple and follow him continually. There is no time left for being double minded because destruction beyond what anyone can imagine is coming- because his tender, loving, pleas to us are routinely mocked and ignored.

To God’s ministers- Fall on your faces between the porch and the altar. Repent of your idolatry, entertainment, infidelity, unholiness, spiritual deadness and outright fakery. God is exceedingly repulsed by the flashy entertainment and defiled music at church services. Such things are a circus of carnality devoid of his spirit. Study the behavior of the leaders of the new covenant church. Most were persecuted and many were killed for their Sunday morning messages. Many of you should be for the garbage you preach from God’s pulpit, and if you continue, you are potentially heading for an Annanias and Saphira wake up call. Repent! The anger of God is kindled against you blind leaders of the blind! The Lord’s scourge is drawn and he will spare no servant of his who is unworthy, unholy and a thieving hireling! You are not walking on eggshells, YOU ARE WALKING ON THE BLOOD OF JESUS THAT IS POURED OUT AT THE ALTAR IN FRONT OF WHERE YOU PREACH AND TEACH! WHAT COMES FROM YOUR MOUTH IS REQUIRED TO BE ACCURATE, ANOINTED AND HOLY! HIDDEN SIN WILL BE EXPOSED BEFORE ALL! REPENT OF YOUR AGENDA AND TAKE UP HIS! If you aren’t called to the pulpit, GET OUT OF IT because you are going to be held accountable for every word you preach and every sheep you fleece.

People, this is all a very hard word, but it is necessary. Please, for the sake of your own soul and the lost souls God has called us to minister to, get right before the Lord NOW. The GREAT HARVEST will come amidst trouble, pain and calamities that remove the barriers people have toward God. Give them hope through repentance and faith. Watch for their souls. Give the enemy no rest. Leave the politics to the politicians. The time for that is over.

My prayer is for God’s mercy upon us all. Run to him. Worship him. Love him. Obey him. Seek him. Be salt and light to a world consumed with love of death, hatred of truth and foolishness in heart. Forgive those who will kill you- your last words to them should be, “I love you and I forgive you. Please come to Jesus!”

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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