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God’s mark and the 144000 – Olasubomi Williams

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God’s mark and the 144000

OCTOBER 16, 2023 1:11 PM
Olasubomi Williams

Revelations 14, Jeremiah 23:1-8

Thus saith the lord

I YAHUAH your Elohim, come to you today to speak to my children, my set apart ones. Children, you are noticing a change in the spirit. There is an ongoing war between light and darkness and many in my body are fast asleep. The darkness and its minions will soon be unleashed into your reality and you will see that which you have feared the most. However, many of my set apart ones have also been marked by my spirit. The separation between the bride and the guest is occurring now. Many of you have felt changes in your spirit and in your bodies. Even this vessel as he writes to you have felt and experience this change first hand. You will notice many of your prayers and supplications are deeply connected with me. This is the separation. I am marking those of mine who walk with me in spirit and in truth. They are witnesses to my love and the love of my son Yahusha ha masheach, Jesus Christ. This is the sealing of the 144,000 that I referenced in revelations. The separation is still ongoing. Pray that you are counted worthy to be used for my glory.

Children, pray for the lost ones, pray for those who are still in darkness that my mercies be upon them. For many, I mean many are on a straight path to hell. They have been blinded by the world. Satan and his minions are lining them up like lambs to be slaughtered. They are distracted from me due to their affairs of the world. They spend little to no time with me and they do not study my words. Pray that my mercy be upon these lost sheeps so that they will be able to make it into my Kingdom.
Children, do not be distracted. Do not lose your focus. For now is the time Satan will be on the offensive. The next wave of destruction, calamity and desolation that will be upon this world will be devastating. Many will be called to me more than before. Satan has been planning along with the antichrist to bring about more chaos and conflict upon the world. But be of good cheer, you shall see it but it will not, will never come near you.
Children, reach out to the lost, the homeless, the poor, the weary. Reach out to those who need help. If it’s in your power to help those who has lost their families and friends in the previous calamity, do it. Love one another. If people condemn and accuse you truly or falsely, pray for them. If people use you spitefully for their own selfish reasons, pray for them. If they persecute you, rejoice for then the kingdom of God is yours.

Gospel singers, pray my mercy is upon you so that I won’t meet you in judgement. This also goes to false prophets although I doubt they will hear me. Maverick city music, come back to me before you are swallowed up by the world. If you continue to disobey me and go your own way, I will do to you what I did to Israel in the book of Deuteronomy and exodus. However, yours will be worse. I love you all so dearly. Do not relent my children. Soon, you will walk in my power and you will destroy the bonds of the evil ones. Your Abba father, YAH YAHUAH Elohim.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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