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January 14, 2021 11:38 PM
Amanda White

Word | 1.13.21 @ 10:41 A.M.

They are breaking him (Trump) down, piece by piece-scattering these pieces around the country and globally (to the world as a whole). Do not be deceived, do not back down, my daughter, for the people of this world is as corrupt as Babylon and a great flooding (metaphorically) will take place to cleanse the nations. Brace yourself and be prepared as that flooding is upon us all. A great spiritual battle, a deafening of citizens and soldiers must take place to resolve the politics and communists whom seek control of this world as the “New World Order”.

Do not be afraid and fear not, for I am the Lord your God, King of all Kings, with sovereignty I reign the most high. But you must tell these people of my second coming, for they won’t all see me but they will see my GREAT AWAKENING! America must wake up! They must not back down! They must open their eyes to the deceptions upon this world and soften their hearts to learn to love one another again. Fear not, for I have gone ahead and set a trap for the evil to resolve. Fear not, for do I not have the authority to silence witches and the occult? Their seances and blood rituals have sickened me long enough. It is time to silence their blood lust once and for all.

A war is upon us. A global war, a spiritual war, a civil war, a cyber war, an informational war- this is the war of all wars. This is not a petty war like WWI and WWII where the people could have resolved their differences- no! This war is far deeper and far greater than those that came before it. Again, fear not, because I have gone before its time- I have seen the future and the infinite ways it could play out.

I have put my hand on your nation, on America; I have heard the global prayers. I say America must fall first to rebuild. America must be cleansed and healed to walk again. My angel armies are upon your nation, attacking the enemy and evil that has reigned for too long- long enough to boil my temper. Enough I say- ENOUGH!!! The time to act is now.

China has been the game player using Italy, Russia, Syria, America, Israel and others as pawns. But I say to you, this is not over- I say to you this is my victory not theirs! I AM GOD, I AM YAH! I ALONE I AM IN CONTROL! Do not test the fates, dear daughter, do not wonder why the corruption hasn’t ended yet.

This is the beginning to the end of America as it has been known for. America the land of the free- HA! Don’t make me laugh! But I tell you, dear daughter, when I am done with America, you will experience true freedom and the bondage of debt and societal corruption will fall to its knees. I tell you now, Lady Liberty was always in chains, even when she was first placed in the “land of the free”. But I am a chain breaker, says the Lord your God, and all the wicked- especially China- will fall to their knees until I enable them to stand up again!

Brace yourself. Be prepared. (Heard three loud knocks.) For the end of the new beginning is upon us and I will have mercy when I am done cleansing the Earth- ridding it of all virus and the unclean. Your bondage will be cleansed- celebrate now. Decree and declare my word over your family and house. I am coming in a way they would not expect- like a thief in the night I will be stealth- but in the end they will know it was my victory. They will know that I AM is still in charge. They will know nothing can stop me, and hell hath mercy on their souls if I am scorned again!

Joshua 1: 5-18

Exodus 6: 1-13

Nehemiah 1: 3-11

Jeremiah 4: 26-31

Ezekiel 5: 1-17

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