Gods army awakens soon. Its at the door! – Daughter of God

Gods army awakens soon. Its at the door!

April 22, 2020
Daughter of God

2020 April 18 Army Awaken

This was actually a prophetic word for a friend but is encouraging for all of us:


I saw Jesus awakening His army, and zoomed in on my friend. I saw her stepping out of her old body into her new body, it was so easy, like taking off a jacket. In her new body she was wearing armor and she felt so free, free of the problems from the old body. In her new body she had peace and joy. She had beautiful white wings. I saw all of His army being changed like his and I heard a shofar and they are all flying up to meet Jesus in the clouds.

I have had many dreams of this army who will be transformed and fight the  enemy during the tribulation, save people, taking them to safe havens and also will fight in the final battle. The time for their awakening is nearly here.

2020 April 20 At the Door

I was woken at 12 midnight exactly by the sound of 3 hurried knocks on the door, they were spiritual knocks but woke me and I heard in my spirit “at the door”!

Also as I woke up I was having a vision of gold at the same time. For me gold means Gods glory and refinement. See this dream I had with Gold.

I really felt the urgency and imminence when it happened and ended up praying most of the night that night.

Stay close to Jesus, lift your head up! Our deliverance is near! 🙏🥰💖☁️🕊🔥☁️💕

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