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Here is a dream I was given on 6th of April about the apostate leaders and judgment coming to the House of God

Blessings and peace
sister Monique

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hi Saints I want to bless you today I
want to bring to you a dream that the
Lord gave me on the 6th of April 2019
and it’s about a word of judgment to the
house of God it’s a word of judgment
against the leaders pastors evangelists
apostate leaders that are the Lord is
basically showing us with this dream
that he’s going to cut off the apostate
leaders in the nation and so thank you
Lord let’s get together for a word of
Prayer Thank You Heavenly Father for
bringing us together Lord I ask that it
be your Holy Spirit father God that
speaks through me that speaks boldly
through me father God to wake us up in
this last hour Lord that you give us
your your understanding Lord and that
you will touch our hearts father God
that this message will be shared with
others in the name of Jesus Lord I give
you the glory father got up before
anything I give you all the glory for
everything that you do for us everything
you’re doing through us and for the
nation father for your people father for
your remnant Oh God
that you’re waking us up in this last
hour Lord in the name of Jesus what I
asked uh for special blessings for for
your precious people for those that are
watching those that are are not saved
that their hearts will be touched those
that are unrepentant that their hearts
will be touched in Jesus name Lord I
bless you amen
and so the dream I believe that the Lord
showed me this dream to let us know
again that judgment is coming upon the
house of God and it tells us in first
Peter 4:17 for the time has come that
judgment must begin begin at the house
of God and if it’s first begin at us
what shall the end be of them that obey
not the gospel of God and so the dream
began with me observing I was just
observing and I didn’t really
participate except watching
and there was a large field of green
field very very large it was so big that
I couldn’t see the end of it and there
were trees that filled the the field if
you will and there was a team of people
that I noticed that were tasked to cut
down unfruitful trees and I could see
the man cutting off many clusters there
was a lot of clusters of trees that were
cut down and so and they only cut down
to the clusters of trees that were not
fruitful and the only thing that
remained were stumps of those streets
that were cut off very very short stumps
and around the fruitful trees was a lot
of green grass there was life there was
a lot of green grass those streets were
not touched but the trees that were cut
off around them there was no life it was
just like dirt and it just seemed dead
around it and it just seemed like the
whole place was purged of trees that
were not fruitful and so I remember
bending over looking over at the stumps
and kind of looking closely closely at
them and I saw that they were cut off
almost to the ground and again the field
was just perched of all the trees that
were not giving fruit and then I woke up
so usually trees in a dream it
represents a leader in ministry it could
be a pastor it could be an evangelist it
could be prophets it could be any type
of leadership in ministries and the fact
that the ones that the trees that were
fruitful and green and
there was a lot of grass around and
represents life around us so the the
work that they’re doing
it’s giving life to others the trees
that were cut down were tall tall
represents usually in a dream pride and
so they were not just tall but they were
unfruitful and they were dead like and
so around them there was just no green
there was no life there was dead on the
ground it was just um like dirt like but
there’s no grass at all grown next to
them and again so it’s representing that
those leaders those those those stubs
our cutoff is judgment it represents
judgment upon those leaders being cut
off and because there’s no life around
them and so I want to also share with
you and it’s a pretty strong word for
the Lord’s telling us this is coming and
for those that that that we need to
repent that we need to be in prayer we
need to be seeking the Lord and we need
to repent and lord help me with the
words because the nation is just gone
the nation is is in is filled with
idolatry the the church as a whole and
again not every Church because there are
many many wonderful pastors leaders the
wonderful people out there that are
preaching the truth and that are leading
their congregation to to the cross of
Jesus Christ that are preaching
repentance that are preaching the blood
of Jesus that are preaching hell that
are preaching the truth but the majority
of the churches are not and so this is
what the Lord is showcasing us is
telling us this is coming and we have to
repent so I’m gonna go through some
scriptures with you but I want to share
an article that Thank You Heavenly
Father will give us an idea also of
what’s taking place this article was on
11th of 20 April 11th 2019 by Michael
Schneider and this was taken from the
most important news calm if you want to
check it out for yourself and it’s
called survey finds that half of
America’s pastors are afraid to speak
out about controversial topics and so I
just mentioned the majority of churches
are not preaching about Hill they’re not
preaching about the mark of the beast
they’re not preaching about the New
World Order they’re not preaching about
not taking the mark of the beast they’re
not preaching about their reality of the
times that we’re in there now preaching
about repentance they’re not preaching
about sin it’s it’s it’s a disgrace and
we will see in the scripture what the
Lord thinks about it and so the article
reads have you ever wondered why most
church services in America seem to be
filled with lots of fluff and very
little substance as America’s moral
moral foundations literally collapse
right in front of our eyes
a large percentage of our pastors are
afraid to speak out about controversial
topics because they might offend someone
they’re too worried about offending
people they’re too worried about loosing
the money that’s coming into their
pockets they’re too worried about their
numbers being coming down they’re too
worried about offending the others and
telling them the truth because the
people might go away and so a large
percentage of pastors are afraid to
speak out about controversial topics
because they might offend someone I read
that and it doesn’t take a genius to
figure out why they are so afraid most
US churches are shrinking and more than
a hundred died every week folks more
than a hundred churches are dying and
shutting down every week and this is not
by accident the Lord is shutting down a
lot of these churches and in a day and
age where past
are judged by attendance numbers and
budget levels scaring people away is bad
for business bad for business this is
what they see it as a business not for
tonight as the work of the Lord with all
that in mind the results from a recent
Varna survey shouldn’t be surprising at
all we wanted to know if pastors felt
limited or pressured when it comes to
speaking out when it comes to speaking
about controversial topics half of
Christian pastors say they frequently
said okay half of the Christian pastors
say they frequently 11% or occasionally
39% feel limited in their ability to
speak out on moral and social issues
because people will take offense the
other half of pastors say that they only
rarely 30% or Never
20% feel limited in this way when asked
to identify the source of their concerns
pastors are much more likely to say that
they feel limited by those inside the
church than those outside in other words
the reaction of those in the pews are
most most on the minds of today’s
pastors they’re too worried about how
people are gonna react in the
congregation and remember this is this
is this is horrendous folks this is
really a wake-up call to us many of you
have been in and out of churches that
that you’re seeing this happen and
taking place it’s a disgrace people are
going to hell people are going to hell
even as we speak I’ve been given visions
about Hell I’ve got I’ve been given
another one that I’ve got to share with
you Thank You Heavenly Father hell is
real folks people are going to hell and
when they they are falling in hell and
they don’t realize they didn’t think
they were going to hell they thought
they were going to heaven they thought
everything was great
but they’re being taught false doctrines
doctors of Delos oh my gosh okay
continuing on and remember these numbers
just show the percentage of pastors that
are willing to admit that they are
afraid to speak out about controversial
issues in reality the percentage of us
pastors that actually hit the hard
issues on a consistent basis is
exceedingly low not offending people is
obviously a strategy that can work
because many of America’s largest
churches today are pathetically shallow
in fact one of America’s most famous
pastors absolutely refuses to ever use
the word sin because it might offend
someone when people fall into hell and
people cannot get out from hell ever and
they’re suffering in the flames of fire
and they are being damned forever this
is what people need to be worried about
when preaching not about offending them
let them be offended now and and and
save their souls and not go to hell let
them be offended today and if this
message offends you lord help you to see
the truth the Lord touch your heart to
see the truth it would be better that
you’re offended today at me and not end
up in hell my Savior soul but eventually
people get tired of superficial religion
that doesn’t have any substance and
nobody can deny that there has been a
mass exodus from the Christian faith in
this country in fact the number of
Americans with no religion has risen by
266 percent over the last three decades
the article goes on I’m gonna skip a
little bit it says have you ever been to
a church where the Jesus music is so
loud that some congregants young hip are
urbanites Oh
we’re earplugs we’re the Christian pop
rock stirs people into such rapture that
they jump up and down both feel both
feet leaving the earth both hands raised
up ecstatically skyward as if a
mild-mannered most moshpit this is all
flesh folks this is all flesh this is
not a true worship half of the pastor’s
band members and congregants have no
spear sings and the other half have four
arm tattoos and a teeny tiny beanie and
as is the accessory of the jaw there is
certainly nothing that there the idea
there article goes on it just to me it’s
just sickening the the state of the
church that we’re in this day and and
that’s why the Lord gives us dreams like
this to let us know that that people are
gonna be cut off and he is giving us
warning for the ananias and those out
there preaching wrong doctrine let’s see
what the Lord says in his word in John
15:6 it says if anyone does not abide in
me he is cast out as a branch and is
withered and they gather them and throw
them into the fire and they are burned
Matthew 7:15 through 23 beware of false
prophets who come to you in sheep’s
clothing but inwardly they are ravenous
wolves you will know them by their
fruits you will know them by their
fruits of the trees that were fruitful
they were kept there the ones that were
not fruitful they were cut off do men
gather grapes for a thorn thorn bushes
or figs from thistles even so every good
tree bears good fruit but a bad tree
Bears bad fruit a good tree cannot bear
bad fruit nor can a bad tree bear good
fruit every tree that does not bear good
fruit is cut down and thrown into the
fire this is exactly the dream that I
had every tree that does not bear good
fruit is cut down and thrown into the
therefore by their fruits you will know
not everyone who says to me Lord Lord
shall enter into the kingdom of heaven
but he who does the will of my father in
heaven many will say to me in that day
Lord Lord have we not prophesied in your
name cast out demons in your name and
then many wonders in your name and then
I will declare to them I never knew you
depart from me you who practice
lawlessness the Hananiah steeped
rebellion and lies and lead people in
error in jeremiah 28 16 it says and this
is about the Hananiah therefore thus
saith the lord behold I will cast you
out from the face of the earth this year
you shall die because you have taught
rebellion against the Lord teaching lies
and false doctrine is teaching rebellion
Jeremiah 2:8 the priests did not say
where is the Lord and those who handle
the law did not know me the rulers also
transgressed against me the prophets
prophesied by bail by Satan and walked
after things that do not profit jeremiah
10:21 for the Shepherd’s have become
dull hearted and have not sought the
Lord therefore they shall not prosper
and all their flocks shall be scattered
and we’re seeing it today Galatians 1 8
through 9 it says but if even if we or
an angel from heaven this is the word
for us to be watchful preach any other
gospel to you then that would then that
then what we have preached to you let
him be accursed as we have said before
so now I say again if anyone preaches
any other gospel to you that what you
have received let him be accursed and
first Corinthians 9 16 Paul said woe is
me if I preach not the gospel
you see kill 34 – says son of man
prophesy against the Shepherd’s of
Israel prophesy and say to them thus
saith the Lord God to the shepherds woe
to the shepherds of Israel who
read themselves should not the
Shepherd’s feed the flocks Jeremiah 23
woe to the shepherds who destroy and
scatter the Sheep of my pasture says the
Lord therefore thus saith the Lord God
of Israel against the shepherds who feed
my people you have scattered my flock
driven them away and not attended to
them behold I will attend to you for the
evil of your doings says the Lord verse
14 also I have seen a horrible thing in
the prophets of Jerusalem they commit
adultery and walk in lies they also
strengthen the hands of evildoers so
that no one turns back from their
wickedness they’re not preaching about
sin they’re not preaching repentance
they’re not telling the people that
their the lifestyles that they’re living
in is is sin and they’re gonna go to
hell they also strengthen the hands of
evildoers they continue to strengthen
them and leave and lead them astray and
keep them in their sin knowing full well
that they’re gonna go to hell
so that no one turns back from his
wickedness all of them are like Sodom to
me and here are inhabitants like
Gomorrah therefore does saith the Lord
of Hosts concerning the prophets before
behold I will feed them with wormwood
and make them drink the water of gal4
from the prophets of Jerusalem
profaneness has gone out into all the
land it’s it’s a perversion of the word
that’s saith the Lord of Hosts do not
listen to the words of the prophets who
prophesy to you they make you worthless
they speak a vision of their own heart
and that’s that’s what’s exactly what’s
happening there speaking of peace and
safety and your best life Nile and all
these things and they’re not preaching
the word they’re not preaching from the
mouth of the Lord the anger of the Lord
will not turn back until he has executed
and performed the thoughts of his heart
in the latter days you will understand
it perfectly I have not sent these
prophets yet they ran I have not spoken
to them yet they prophesied thank you
Lord this is so serious folks 2nd Peter
2:1 through
– and then verse 18 through nineteen
assist but there were also false
prophets among the people even as there
will be false teachers among you who
will secretly bring in destructive
heresies heresies even denying the Lord
who bought them and bring on themselves
Swift destruction and many will follow
their destructive ways because of whom
the way of truth will be blaspheme their
blaspheming the Word of God for when
they speak great swelling words of
emptiness they allure through the lusts
of the flesh through lewdness the ones
who have actually escaped from those who
live in error while they promise them
Liberty they themselves are slaves of
corruption for by whom a person has
overcome by him also he’s brought into
bondage so they’re promising Liberty
they’re promising a lifestyle of of
richest material riches and and and it’s
not to say that that it’s wrong to have
blessings or that the Lord has blessed
you materially is the excess and and the
obsession and the depravity that’s taken
place and that is being taught Thank You
Heavenly Father help me loose that
prosperity Gospels greasy Grey’s Jude
1:4 and 12 through 13 and verse 16 it
says for certain men have crept in
who long ago were marked out for this
condemnation ungodly men who turned the
grace of our God into lewdness and
that’s what I was just saying and they
deny the only Lord God and our Lord
Jesus Christ these are spots in your
love feasts while they feast with you
with without fear they have no fear of
God serving only themselves they are
clouds without water carried about by
the winds late autumn trees without
fruit laid out on trees without fruit
twice dead plucked up by the roots again
it goes back to the dream
the raging waves of the sea foaming up
at their own shame wandering stars from
who for whom is reserved the blackness
of darkness forever
these are grumblers complainers walking
according to their own lusts and they
mouth great swelling words flattering
people to gain advantage malachi to
seven through nine for the lips of a
priest should keep knowledge and people
should seek the law from his mouth to
mouth o lord for he is the messenger of
the Lord of Hosts but you have departed
from the way you have caused many to
stumble at the law you have corrupted
the Covenant of Levi says the Lord of
Hosts therefore I also have made you
contemptible and base before all the
people because you have not kept my ways
but have shown partiality in the law and
in the whole gospel the full gospel is
now being preached today and in the
majority of the churches they’re not
preaching they’re they’re just choosing
and picking what sounds good and what’s
gonna tickle the ears of people and so
again there’s this message is to bring
us to repentance – for us to examine
ourselves to make sure that we are in
the faith and to pray for the leaders to
pray also for the churches to pray for
the body of Christ to pray for
repentance to pray for the Lord to race
a his mighty warriors his army to pray
for preachers that will preach the truth
to pray for preachers that will preach
Hellfire to pray for preachers that will
arise and preach the truth those that
are not known those that are hidden
those are the nobodies the Lord will use
those that are humble but preached the
truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ
those that will preach repentance and
judgment and the cross and the blood of
Jesus Christ and salvation
Heavenly Father helpless lord help us
thank you wonderful Jesus thank you lord
Thank You Heavenly Father I’ve delivered
the message that you had for us today
and I bless you guys I love you we are
living in the last days we need to
remain humble and in prayer and and
praying for the leaders even though all
of him all of them even though was that
we know they’re not preaching the truth
for the Lord to to bring them back to
bring them back we have thousands upon
thousands of congregations that are
being taught such false doctrine and so
lord help your people father God have
mercy upon us have mercy Oh God
the Lord listens to our prayers folks he
listens to our prayers he’s looking for
his warriors his prayer warriors that
will stand in the gap and reach out and
cry out for this nation and cry out for
a generation that’s going to hell to cry
out for the young people that the
godless generation that are not don’t
even know God thank you wonderful Jesus
thank you Lord to cry out for the lost
souls and not just for this nation I
always say it’s not just America’s for
all the nations that we reach out and
cry out for for all the nations for
salvation and the blood of Jesus to be
poured upon all that all flesh and the
Holy Spirit to be poured on all flesh
Thank You Heavenly Father if you’re
listening to this today and you’ve never
been saved today’s the day of salvation
I urge you to let the Lord Jesus Christ
in your heart today it’s it’s with
sincere repentance in your and your
heart with godly sorrow it’s not just
saying a little prayer and you’re done
it’s it’s with godly sorrow and true
repentance that you come to the Lord and
confess that you have three you have
sinned that you’re a sinner and you’re
asking the Lord to come into your heart
right now you’re asking the Lord to
you and he will forgive you and it’s a
commitment it’s not just a little prayer
it’s a commitment to the Living God for
eternity too to live for him to follow
to to if if we love Him we will keep his
Commandments as it tells us in the book
of first John and so is keeping his
commandment keeping his word and abiding
in him and preaching to others reach
into others folks witnessing to others
we have to reach out to others we have
the Great Commission is for all of us
for every Christian it’s not just for
the pastors and not just for the
Evangelist is for every Christian and so
let the Lord use to be willing let the
Lord use you for he wants to use you and
increase you thank you lord
I bless you guys I pray that this
blesses you and may you share it with
others if you’d like to subscribe to my
channel I bless you guys again I love
you and hopefully real soon
Lord willing we’ll be back and peace be
with you in Jesus name Amen

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