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God is warning us: The times are about to be fullfilled – Larymar


God is warning us: The times are about to be fullfilled

March 3, 2022, 9:19 AM

May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ dwell in your hearts.

I need to share the dream that I received this morning before 3:00 AM (March 3/2022).

Suddenly I saw two white and red helicopters in the sky. Hardly anyone gave it much importance.
However, a short time later the sky was covered with the same kind of helicopters. Now the people were running everywhere trying to escape. Apparently my family and I were at family gathering because several of my relatives ran to take refuge in my house. It was a picnic gathering because I saw trays of sandwiches on the table and I grabbed as many as I could. Once we were safe we put the food in a secret place and we tried to secure the entrances, one door had a key and that was enough, but another door would need a wooden block on the floor to prevent entry through there.
Then I turned to the group and I told them: “First a vision with two helicopters and then another vision with many helicopters, GOD IS WARNING US: THE TIMES ARE ABOUT TO BE FULFILLED”.

In the next scene I no longer saw any helicopter in the sky, but a van similar to school buses but in a different color. A woman came to the house and began to inspect everything, not only the people but what music we were listening to;  talking about God, the Bible or even pray was forbidden. The woman examined my ear and I felt pain, she told me: “if you want treatment, you know what you have to do”, she was referring to putting the mark on me.

As always, please pray for guidance, wisdom and confirmation from the Lord.




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