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Gird Yourselves My Children – The Messenger

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Gird Yourselves My Children

July 20, 2021 2:36 PM
The Messenger

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Received July 20th 2021 after 6 am

My Son take this short message down. My Children ,My Worthy Ones, First Fruits My Brides the True Ones , The Wheat ,that is ready. Gird yourselves, your spirit ,your soul, mind, hearts, body, your whole being . SOON THAT SHALL FALL UPON THIS WORLD WILL SHOCK ALL EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE IT WILL LEAVE MANY SPEECHLESS. Most and I will say that heavily will be in utter disarray for the gross evil darkness shall fall, evil will abound everywhere . It will look like there is no hope, it will bring many to tears and to there knees , Mystery Babylon the end is here your days have been numbered and now you will be takin over by the Russian Bear and the Red Chinese Dragon of China , both shall torment you and ravish your lands and make them desolate. I have so many countless times warned thru various means thru various messengers, that is done, over with, I asked Mystery Babylon for repentance at least some form, form of and My Servants got mocked scoffed and ridiculed well no more. The take over is here upon the North and upon the East and upon the shores of your land America, your fall starts now, GIRD YOURSELVES, GIRD YOURSELVES ,GIRD YOURSELVES MY CHILDREN.

My Worthy Ones, It Is Go Time your anointing and transformation will be complete oh so soon , than MY SON shall take you for a season, for most to be trained on what you have been called to do. My Children, My Brides, My Harvesters, I know many have been confused when reading many of the messages sent forth out and what has my Holy Spirit told you , not ever message that My Messengers My Servants post is for you nor for everyone , even this messenger I have told that too . No one and I repeat no one has all the answers for I will never give you all of that, it creates pride in you . My children time is of the essence, keep doing what I have told you to do and command you to do, Obey My Voice is it not what My Holy Spirit keeps telling you and that everything will be ok . MY WORTHY ONES, LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN, THIS IS MY HARVEST, MY HARVEST OF MY SOULS AND I HAVE WAITED MANY, MANY MANY, YEARS FOR THESE MOMENTS TO FINALLY COME FORTH. DO NOT THINK THAT THIS IS NOT ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TASKS EVER AT HAND EVER . IT MUST BE TRULY IMPORTANT, A WHOLE BOOK WAS WRITTEN ABOUT IT, THE BOOK OF REVELATION. My Children I love you all and in so short a time we shall be together end of message Your Loving Holy Father, Be Holy For I Am Holy .
The messenger


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