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Gideon is Getting Better

June 1, 2022 5:56 AM
Daniel Masika

Dear Friends and Partners on 444 Prophecy
Greetings and Shalom Goodnews , Gideon is Getting Better each Day Now the Doctors want us to stay in the Hospital under Doctors watch for 15 Days Before Gideon Leaves the Hospital, We Give God Glory for You always on Our Knees Praying for You and Big Big Thank You, The whole Team sent their Love and Greetings!!! The scans Shows Gideon heart is Doing Perfect Close to Normal, and The Pain on chest which was caused by lungs diseases which caused alot of chest pain, and No more palpitations from after surgery , his tongue not turning blue , the blood clots in the lungs Cant be seen in Large as it did at the 1st a good Sign he is Doing Better!!!
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Please Pray , We have a Problem in the Home Now, The smell is Unbearable, we have Run out of Shower Gel , Salt , Bar Soap, toilet bowl cleaners, Sanitary Pads, and tissue paper, Napkins and Diaper’s and Food for the Deformed Children’s ,Their are Starving , Something You should Know is we don’t have Many hands Helping this Childrens, Urgent Help Needed To raise $3110 To Get the Above Items needed (PLEASE WATCH OUT FEEDING THE CHILDRENS CLICK HERE https://youtu.be/FbdyC_qKpHM)
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Much Love
Daniel and the Team


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