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Get your affairs in order My people! You need to be ready for things that are coming upon this Earth. Some things have already begun. You need to be ready, most importantly with Me spiritually. Many of you may ask, how do we do this? I say to you, come before Me and ask Me yourself! The answer is different for each of you. Once again let us look to the parable of the wise and foolish virgins. All of them had fallen asleep but the wise virgins had prepared themselves by spending time alone with Me. They asked and I filled them and gave them extra Holy Spirit oil. The foolish virgins are the ones who were always preoccupied with all off the things of the physical world. They ask others to pray for them all the time instead of spending quality time with Me personally and asking Me themselves. They are always ignoring My word and trying to get others to hear My voice for them, when I have said that My sheep hear My voice. This is the truth for every one of My sheep! If you cannot hear My voice that is your own fault, not Mine. You need to do something about this because I am speaking to you! You need to overcome the things of this world. I have given you the power by My Spirit! What is causing you not to hear me? The Holy Spirit that is within you is more powerful than all of the power of the enemy! Are you spending time alone with Me? Are you quieting yourself before Me? I have given you those who can help you but you have to be able hear Me yourself. There is no other way!

I AM the only one that can give you true peace in the midst of chaos. I do not make order out of chaos. My peace is with you despite the chaos around you. You need to be in the spirit to realize this peace because you cannot perceive it with your physical senses. Yes, chaos is coming in the physical realm, more and more everyday, but those who walk in the spirit shall overcome it in the spirit, not in the flesh. Your flesh shall fail you but I never will! I have made you weak on purpose so that I may be strong in you! The the strongest man will not survive what is coming. All that is of the enemy, will not survive. Soon, I will destroy all of the evil, chaos, sin and darkness. Satan and everyone that has allowed themselves to be deceived by him will be cast into the lake of fire and will be tormented day and night forever. Soon I will destroy all of the chaos and darkness.

My fire purifies all that it touches. Sin is like wood, hay and stubble before My holy fire. It will all burn and be consumed! Those who are mine will glow when My fire is fully poured upon them. The oil that is within them and upon them shall be set ablaze. This is why I have said to be full to overflowing with my Holy Spirit oil. When you are baptized in the Holy Spirit it can be seen on the outside of you. This is not what saves you but this is the harvest light. For the harvest shall be reaped in the night because the day is far spent and the work has not been completed. It shall be completed before the dawn!

After you have gotten close to Me in the spirit and by the Spirit, then you can ask Me what physical preparations that you need to make. A time of scarcity is already beginning and it will be worse than you have ever seen before, especially in the countries that have had plenty for long periods of time. Some have been called to make many physical preparations and some absolutely none. If you already have much prepared, do not get rid of them but you may not be able to use any of it. I may call you to move on a moment’s notice or I may even transport you to a safe location by My angels or in the spirit. Yes, these days a coming rapidly. I will show you what you need to get or I will even have others give it to you. I take care of My own! Have faith in Me and do not worry about what you will eat or where you will sleep or even what you will wear. I took care of My people for 40 years in the desert before even though they were disobedient. You will not have to walk though anything even close to that amount of time, trust Me! My Spirit is the cloud who guides you by day and the fire that guides you by night. Get your your affairs in order because I may call you on a moment’s notice.

Keep watching!

Be ready!

Stay ready!

Jesus Christ

Yahshua ha Mashiach

John 10:27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.

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