The Cost of Pride and Perversion – Olasubomi Williams

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The Cost of Pride and Perversion

May 1, 2024 7:01 PM
Olasubomi Williams
Romans 1:18-28, Proverbs 22:4-5, 1 Corinthians 2

Children, listen! He who refuses to accept the words of the father YAHUAH, is at risk of damning his/her soul in the torments of hell. Hell is not a place that I created for the sons of Adam. It is a cursed realm devoid of life, devoid of God the Father and me. I am not friends with the enemy. The enemy has cursed this very land you are on because he has introduced sin to it. Hence, he will make sure that his kingdom (the kingdom of hell, of eternal torment) is filled to the brim with your souls in it.

Children, here is the sum of things. I hate the proud, I hate those who raise themselves or something else over me. I do not rejoice in letting the wicked suffer and perish. My very wish is for all of my children who are the unrighteous and the wicked to turn from their foolish ways and repent before me and be completely changed. That is my greatest joy. But I hate it when people/ my children feel as if they are bigger than me, their Lord and Savior. You are a created being and I am a creator. I, through my father gave breath to each and everyone of you through Adam. It was no accident, I do not make mistake. I never made a mistake when creating you. So why is your heart so far from me? Why do you keep worshipping idols and celebrities when you can worship me and the Father?

To the proud and the pride of heart, I will cut you down, straight up. I will cut you down to the lowest size until you humble yourself and beg me for forgiveness.

To the idols and the celebrities and false preachers and pastors of this world. Many of you are highly rebellious against me. You pervert my words and make mockery of my name. I AM lives and he is very angry at the lot of you. You have defiled your garments to the point where your garments are unrecognizable anymore. You have serious issues with repentance and then you think I will not touch you because of that anointing you carry.

Oh loose cannons of false prophets and preachers. You who speak and spread seducing spirits and demons into my temple, my church. I am not surprised. I will show you a very grave lesson in pain. Your secrets will be broadcasted and outed in public for all to see. No amount of money you have now will cover you and your shame; you reprobate children. The way I treated Saul will be far better than the way I will treat the lot of you. Many of you will be reduced to rags, some will die whilst trying to cover their shame, and some will be cut down by the beast system. Your false kingdoms and empires will be all but ruins and your wealth will be desolate. You will be reduced to nothing.

To the LGBTQ+ community; I am sorry for you. You have totally perverted my words and my commandments to suit your satanic agenda. You refuse to accept sound doctrine now my judgement is upon you. I am love but I do not love your sin. But you have twisted my words that I have given to before you were born to your forefathers and your fathers before that. I will hand you over to your delusions and then I will strike you with incurable diseases you indecent nightmare, you wicked vile beasts. Yes, you are beasts before my eyes. You are not humans. You have the spirit of the antichrist and if you do not repent of your ways now, I will show you a taste of my wrath. You worthless beings. Many of you will perish whilst fighting for your lives. Do you not know that you are advancing satan’s kingdom even more by passing these freemason satanic ideologies into your law? You have totally refused my sound doctrine and now you show yourselves into my churches you wicked vixen. You cripple my servants who speak my true words; my language of truth. I will see to it that your punishment will be grievous. However, if you come to me in repentance and you turn away from your sins: all of them, I will give you a new, clean and fresh garment that has no stains and I will wash you as white as snow. For greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world.

My son, my lambs, my children all over the world. The cost of pride and perversion is great. The iniquity of man has kept the matter the bottom of the barrel when it comes to spiritual matter. Without my spirit, you cannot fight these evil ones. When my servant Jeremiah was alive, he warned the children of Israel of the doom and destruction that the Babylonians brought. They did not listen to him. In fact, the entire children of Israel hated him to the point that even his family hated him to a fault. But when the destruction came and the Assyrians and Babylonians captured and took slaves of the sons and daughters of Israel. They spared only him, the hated prophet. The pride of my children back then was so great, they decided to hate and resent their one true salvation. This is the cost of pride. Perversion on the other hand is much more dangerous than pride and many of the body of Christ (my body) are constantly doing it at the risk of their own salvation, most especially in the Western and European countries. The word of the father has no validity to them. Hence, they try to change it to suit their own narrative.

When my father speaks doom and destruction and desolations upon a land, they twist it to speak about love and nonsense. Some of them even go as far as to teach worldly things to my church when I stated that the church must be separate from the world and have no passion/lust in it. It is unfair to the body of Christ to be teaching the doctrines of demons. Meanwhile, when the actual word of the father is presented to them in faith, in truth and in love not the love of the world. Then, these people brush it off and drown themselves in noise, they castigate, question and mock my true workers. Therefore, I the lord God the Son in heaven will hand them over to spiritual madness that they should drink the Kool-Aid in full. So that when all comes crashing down, I will come before them as a lion with a sword in my hand and I will tell them to choose; either me or the world and sadly, many will choose the world to be judged harshly by my father and his cup of wrath will be poured out in full measures against the sons and daughters of disobedience.

Listen now my children, the companies you keep are also important for evil communications corrupt good manners. If they have pride in their hearts, pray for them and talk to them in love and truth. If they refuse, leave them and let them be and have nothing to do with them ever again until they have changed in a good way that is pleasant before me.

Children, humble yourselves until I come. Humble yourselves my martyrs, even unto deat1h. The son of YAH. Jesus, Yeshua ha masheach speaking as this message comes to a close. Be blessed my children.

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