April 15, 2020 5:40 AM
Collins Ouma

Hear this My son, the enemy is really out there to outweigh and overload My sons and daughters with spiritual attacks, fatigue, distractions and sicknesses such that they feel so faint and weak.

Many think it’s because they have not been praying enough,fasting enough or giving themselves to Me enough. No, My child, the enemy of your soul is really working overtime to outweigh and load My children such that your spirits are so heavy that you cannot rise up in powerful prayers and intercession. He is trying to weaken your spirits and your fire for he knows once you are awaken he can do nothing against you and nothing of his plans works against you. He brings distractions along your way and unnecessary commitments to ensure and trap your souls.I see it all but he doesn’t know that I use your weakness to glorify My strength. All things will always work for good.

I am reviving and restoring that soul that is weary and faint. My Holy Spirit is specialized in reviving and restoring fainting souls. Receive the touch of My Holy Spirit; Let My Spirit of life flow through your spirit and rise again in great power and authority.
When you are I manifest in great power and strength. He thinks by weighing down he is winning you over.

By doing this ,he only makes you desires Me more and aim yourself towards My deep worship.
In times like this when you feel faint and weak and weary arise in worship and praise of Me and partake of my strength that is so easily available and accorded to each of My children.

Didn’t I not say , let the weak say I am strong? Didn’t I not say, that young men shall get weary and faint? But I shall grant new strength to those that shall wait upon Me and they shall mount up high like eagles, they shall run and never faint.

So, I decree new strength, I decree new and fresh oil is being poured and released upon you.
I break the shackles and chains of fatigue and weariness and heaviness upon your soul.
Just as My servant, Paul shook off the python that had intertwined along his arm, do I declare to you that you are shaking off every weariness, heaviness, and fatigue upon your soul and spirit and you are rising out again in fresh glory and power and My fire of My Holy Spirit is burning right in your spirit and soul.

Remember, regardless of the moments in your life; I am always with you in your ups and downs. I will never leave you and never shall I leave you.
You are Mine and I shall guard and protect jealously.
I love you, My child. Arise and shine in glory and fire.



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