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GET READY! USS Abraham Lincoln The Strait Of Hormuz – Holy Spirit Wind

USS Abraham Lincoln, the Strait of Hormuz and some WW3 news GET READY!

Dec 3, 2019
Holy Spirit Wind
[Jeff Byerly]

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I give all the glory honor and praise to
my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Yeshua
HaMashiach the name that is above every
name and at that name every knee shall
bow and every tongue shall confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God
the Father and I plead the blood of the
Lamb over this video and every child of
God is watching it and we overcome by
the blood of the Lamb by the word of our
testimony and loving not this life unto
death you might wonder why I’m starting
this video out like this well brothers
and sisters there seems to be some
people out there that want to attack me
and I just want to say this you are not
going to be successful because there is
one person and one person alone that I
do this video for and that is my Lord
and Savior Jesus Christ and if he wants
this video out he’s going to get it out
and all the other ones too and they will
be taken down when the Lord wants them
to be so there are some people out there
that are trying to spread the rumors
about me they’re not true so have you
seen with somebody coming up as Holy
Spirit wind or Jeff Byerly or Holy
Spirit when Jeff I early that is saying
some things contrary to what I have said
passed just ignore them or delete them
but don’t fight with them pray for them
that’s what the Lord has led me to do
pray for this person that their soul
would be saved in the judgement that
they are then they come under and that’s
all I’m gonna say about that all right
before I get started we all have heard
by now about December 10th and YouTube’s
gonna be making some changes I don’t
know if this channel will stay up or not
but I am not monetized and YouTube is
stated that basically anything there
isn’t making that money he’s gonna go I
will never be monetized I just want to
tell you that I’m not coming under their
their financial bondage or their system
I’m not gonna come under it nope so I
have in the description box below right
below this video
the I’m gonna leave them with a address
to my blog which is Holy Spirit win net
and my channel over at brighty
and all you’re gonna have to do is click
the links to both of them they’ll be in
the description box as well as all the
links for everything that I’m going to
bring to you tonight will also be in the
description box so without further ado
let’s get on with it many of you
probably already know this but the harry
s truman has entered the u.s. Sixth
Fleet region after delayed deployment
start now what does that mean you say
Jeff you’ve never gotten the word from
the Lord about the harry s truman no i
haven’t you’re right but what it is is
they the harry s truman and the on board
are going to relieve the USS Abraham
Lincoln so they are already as of
yesterday they are already like going
into the Mediterranean Sea let me see if
I can turn this around without flipping
it upside down so you can see it I’ll
leave the link to this in the
description box I hope you can see that
maybe you can maybe you can’t the harry
s truman is going into the mediterranean
sea it right now it probably is partway
into it it’s going to go through the
Suez Canal and up around Saudi Arabia
and then it’s going to go through the
Strait of Hormuz Strait of Hormuz you
say yes I do there are a couple sisters
and a brother that have gotten worse
from the Lord about the Strait of Hormuz
I have not personally I’m not saying
that anything about that anything isn’t
going to happen or is going to happen in
the Strait of Hormuz but I would say it
is very highly possible within the next
week or so I would say before the end of
probably the second week of December if
it’s going to happen because what’s
going to happen is that Truman is going
to relieve it’s going to go up into the
you know the Persian Gulf and relieves
Abraham Lincoln the Abraham Lincoln it’s
going to come back down you have to go
through the strait of hormuz and that is
where it has been prophesied by at least
three of our brothers and sisters
Carolyn diadem Kim from looking towards
heaven for Jesus Channel and a new
brother and I cannot remember his
channels name so I’m gonna look at it
right now
his M name is watchman for Christ three
three three and I have shared this in
the communities tab on my channel last
week he saw a vision that when the
Abraham Lincoln went through the strait
of hormuz all right
I’m not gonna say that it’s going to
happen right now or not I am saving this
very highly possible and probable
because if the Abraham Lincoln goes
through the Strait of Hormuz once again
without anything happening it’s not
going to happen for a very long time
because it is heading back
to its homeport in San Diego California
so if it is going to happen I’m telling
you right now it will probably happen
next week and I am NOT saying thus saith
the Lord on this at all because it could
be it could be delayed I am not in
control but I know the one who is but I
was praying about this this morning with
father and he wanted me to warn so here
I am and I will tell you this there’s a
lot of other indications that aren’t by
just prophetic voices but world news if
you know how to read it if you know how
to cut through you know there’s a lot of
fake news out there that’s for sure we
all know that Donald Trump has made that
very clear and he’s actually right on
that but so I wanted to share a few
other things that are happening Trump
this is one that I shared on the
community tab yesterday Trump in
Netanyahu is discussed the threat from
Iran in second call in weeks our moment
goes right back down to the the part
that I want to highlight is what’s
something that in that Yahoo says
Netanyahu or Netanyahu has also
reportedly become very uneasy with what
he perceives as Trump’s unwillingness to
stand up to Iranian aggression so
Netanyahu’s wanting to get this thing
the yeah in that in Yahoo and Trump or
wants close allies who touted their
friendship to their respective bases
ties in between the two they have seen a
cooling in recent months and as the
Israeli premier has struggled to cling
to power because as we all know they
have had two elections and there has
been no winner
and now Netanyahu has been brought up on
charges of bribery and what’s it gonna
take for Netanyahu to stay in power it’s
happened before I’m gonna leave a link
to the USS Liberty what happened there a
lot of people don’t realize that during
the six-day war the USS Liberty was sunk
by Israel brother Jeff you’re
anti-semitic no I’m not I’m anti those
who call themselves Jews that are of the
synagogue of Satan that’s what I’m anti
that’s what I’m against and that’s who’s
running this world and the sooner you
realize that the sooner you will realize
the truth all right let’s go on
president Trump come out today this
morning and says that Iran is killing
thousands upon thousands of people that
are protesting I think we’ve heard this
before do we remember Syria they’re
gassing their people there they’re using
toxic gas on the people oh we gotta put
a stop to that we got a bomb them don’t
you see it’s the same old thing over and
over only the names change Trump comes
out today cause there may be was
yesterday I don’t know that this story
came out today
cause Kim jong-un Rocketman again
stirring the pot stirring the pot all
the props gotta be put in place on the
world stage just so so that they can
make it look like something else
happened but if you’re smart and you
know the past you will be able to see
what is going to happen in the future
and also if you listen to the true
prophets of the Lord you will be able to
find out what’s going to happen very
shortly I’m not happy about it
but the Lord has told me about it tell
me I’m a Elevens that the Abraham
Lincoln would be sunk you told me again
two other time
he told me that the Abraham Lincoln and
the Ronald Reagan would have the same
fate as their namesakes he told me that
On June 3rd that Donald Trump will be
taken out in the fire kickoff event it’s
New York City and that will occur after
the Abraham Lincoln goes down it’s
coming folks I don’t know how many more
times I’m gonna be able to warn you I
love you guys I don’t once see anybody
lost especially those who claim to Nell
with the name of Jesus Christ as their
personal Lord and Savior when I’m
telling you there’s some bad stuff
coming I know there’s a lot of you there
thinking you’re gonna escape because in
a rapture before all of this comes but
I’m telling I’m here to tell you it’s
not true the Lord has told me many times
that the fiery kickoff event comes
before the rapture get ready
get ready get as close to the Lord Jesus
as you can as you know how wake up in
the morning and cry out to him worship
him talked to him read his word there’s
not much time left even if it doesn’t
happen right now
there’s still not much time left it will
happen mark my words it will happen I
know it with everything that is within
me I know that this ship is going now
and we need to be praying for every man
and woman on that ship as well that the
Lord Jesus would reveal himself to them
one last time because I highly doubt
that there are random many Christians on
that ship it’s just a fact there may be
some people that believe in God but
believing is not enough even the demons
believe and they tremble judgment is
coming judgment is coming to America
judgment is coming to the whole earth it
is time to get yourself right with the
Lord whatever it takes I love you guys I
don’t know if I’ll be back again as the
Lord leads god bless you all


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