Get in Sync with Me – Judy Reynolds

“Get in Sync with Me”

Oct 13, 2019, 7:46 PM
Judy Reynolds


Word from The Lord after prayer and reading Amos Ch 7-9.
Word started at 3:22 PM, Saturday October 12, 2019

My dearest children,

The fright that shall take hold shall be great, but know that this business of falsely prophesying over My body, and blaspheming of the Holy Spirit shall come to an end soon as far as the weak unbelievers who prophesy, however; the true all out assault on the True body of Christ shall begin in full measure. All of My true sons and daughters are now weary, very tired and yet; I am strenghthening them, building their faith in ME, My protective power, and My all consuming Love-Pure undefiled love for them. Make no mistake, the Remnant, body of Christ is yes-an Army, nevertheless, they are small in number as My Word declares. Know My children, that I have loved you with an Everlasting love and that My Word declares boldly that Love Never Fails, therefore, it will not fail you either!Hope, against all you witness, breathe in My kindness when all you see is strife, and raw anger as never witnessed by this time in history. Know that I AM who I say I AM, and I will come for mine own who walk not after the flesh but live and walk in My Spirit. My loves, it is true, all things begin to come to pass very soon now; do NOT go back to sleep now- Persevere in prayer, My WORD, My promises, My annointing of comfort upon you now. I have sealed you, you have been sealed. My love is flowing down to you now in a full, strong stream. Light grows brighter now in you. Darkness grows darker now in all who do not know me. Take time every day now to spend time with ME! You must no matter how busy you are or get, you must know this time with ME is your greatest defense in this all out war. My Words of prophesy are coming to pass now. Take heed to the call of God upon your lives. You are accountable to ME. Flee that serpent, everyday, and come to bow before me. I love you always, I will NEVER leave you or forsake you dear ones,

Your coming King.

Scriptures given for this word are
Psalm 91, Ecclesiastes 4:1-9

May God strenthen you and protect you in His love.


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