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Get in My Word and stay there! – Paul Chastain

Get in My Word and stay there!

Dec 28, 2019 8:00 PM
Paul Chastain

Paul Chastain here. It is 28DEC2019.

I wish to tell two things.

First, the Lord gave me a “flash vision”, I believe they are called. I was sitting in my living room looking at my front door, when it disappeared and I saw a truck pulling a trailer stop in front of my house. In the trailer was a guillotine. Men in military uniforms got out of the truck and started walking across my front yard towards my front door. I then saw a picture of my next door neighbor watching me, and smiling. I got the distinct impression that this was happening all over, not just my street.

That same morning, when I woke up, opened my eyes He spoke these words:
“Get in My Word and stay there”! I believe that this word was not just for me.

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