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Game of Deceit with Obama – Judy Reynolds

Game of Deceit with Obama

Sep 30, 2019, 8:15 PM
Judy Reynolds


This dream was given to me in 2016, and it was so very vivid. I actually wrote it down, on 3/3/18 which was the day of an important Obama dinner.I personally believe that he is the Antichrist, the son of perdition. I did not fully believe this yet at the time of my dream however.

Dream of game of deceit with Obama at a house.

In my dream there was a big multi-story house with many rooms, it looked like a large tree house inside, narrow walls and some rooms you crawled through-like a play land. All of the rooms were Beautifully decorated and high-tech as well. (Shades, lights etc.) We all played hide and seek-literally. At first, it seemed fun, (not to me) but to others, casual I guess though the teams were divided and we all wanted to win.

There were three teams as I remember it. Obama was on one team, his wife Michelle on
another; they each led their own team and then another person led the team I was on. A man led my team I believe. The competition got more intense as we went along. I remember many times that Obama and I would be face to face when passing through a tunnel or usually at an entrance or exit, or a corner and that it was often as a round was won or lost it seemed. I could see from afar off at times in the house and could understand the stradegy of all the teams clearly. Each round got more intense,
we all knew the rules clearly so we thought! We started at the same time, all teams,we had to be polite to one another (as it was only a game!) so we thought!

I knew that Obama was deceptive and tricking the other teams as he went, he could hide people, even have them do some things the other teams couldn’t do. I remember one round we even swung from high chandeliers and dropped down into a huge, beautiful kitchen. The carpet was plush and beautiful with reds, browns, purple and earthy colors too; he was all smiles until… When we knew that this game was over, we were all waiting inside the house to find out the winners, we knew we were all very tired, though to most it was a fun, exercise like event.

I really was aware of the deception, trickery and did feel danger, though not like it truly was DANGER! Life and Death!I do not know if this house was appointed for this gathering or who’s house it was. Obama was outside, in a car on the street in front, while we were all waiting inside.All of a sudden, we noticed smoke! A small fire, so someone on 2nd floor shouted out to the car, “Hey, theres fire in here!” Obama just sat there like he didn’t even hear! There were a few people on the streets, and I realized that they knew the whole outside of the house was burning, but the people inside did not know that. So, it was like three tall houses right next to one another on a small street. It felt like slow motion, I was then on the outside street but felt also what everyone inside felt, slow, then suddenly we ALL understood that he, Obama had invited us there to die!!!!!! To Kill us! He watched the house burn, and they all died! Only a few were on the street with me. It was horrifying!!!! Obama was charming and deceitful, mannerly, polite, full of trickery.No remorse, or even a hint of consideration for those trapped while he watched them burn.

This is how it will be when the Antichrist comes. I have no scriptures for this dream, please take this to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords for discernment. I can still remember the details of this dream fully. I was shocked at it. Our Lord bless you.


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