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Future US Naval Attack – Sharlene Reimer

Trump Consults With Naval Leadership: Related To Another Future Naval Attack

Declaring over Nova Scotia, Canada/The Scroll Part 2.

Vision #327

October 13, 2021 11:26 AM
Sharlene Reimer

Oct 12/21 tues evg

I was praising and worshiping the Lord Jesus in His Throne Room. I am singing my new favourite song by Lakewood Music featuring Kim Walker Smith- In The Name What a beautiful and powerful song! Just in Your name, Jesus, is power! Be exalted Lord Jesus! It sums up my heart and what I desire for the church and all Believers. I began to pray. When it was time to climb my mountain, I began to go up with other warriors. I noticed dark, almost black clouds above us and it began to rain. It made climbing difficult and we were struggling. I then noticed Jesus standing before us on the mountain and covering us from the assault of the elements which I knew was the enemy. In Him, with Him, through Him and for Him we persevere. He is our Enabler, our Strength and our Protector! Keep our eyes on Him! Thank you Jesus! I got to the top and went off with my eagle while proclaiming Ps 91. I found myself by a lighthouse where the ocean meets the land, crashing onto rocks. I recognized the area as the east coast of Canada in Nova Scotia. I was called to plant a flag, declaring the land belongs to Jesus Christ. I was granted permission to do this. I saw myself plant a flag with the Lion of Judah on it into the rocks. I declared Ps 24:1

And Jesus said, “As the sun rises in the east and greets the land and sets in the west, so will My Spirit awaken My church. It’s time to rise up. I have already woken up the north. Every place will have its time of awakening. My timing is perfect.” Yes Lord! Let it be so! Come Lord Jesus, come; send Your Spirit powerfully to wake up Your church and change it. You get all the glory! Amen.

On Oct 7/21, I asked Jesus if I could read what was written on the scroll that I had seen in the previous vision. (#326) I was allowed to go back and look at the opened scroll. I could now see the name TRUMP written in black letters. Then I saw a saint in the Council of God take the opened scroll and stick it in a flame. The scroll burned but it wasn’t consumed. Then I looked again at the letters of Trump’s name and they had turned to gold. I asked Jesus if Trump will be returning soon? And Jesus replied, “Yes, daughter, and He will return when he’s ready. I Am refining Him.” Then I got a glimpse of Trump kneeling by his bed in prayer. It was encouraging to see. I prayed for Trump and asked God also to open his eyes regarding the deception of the vaccinations. Continue to pray for Trump.

I went to see a vision; walked down the stairs, greeted my greeter group waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs and we walked over to where the others had already gathered. The scene opened up to see the back of a black car; the tail lights and trunk. Then I saw Trump get out on the right side of the car and walk towards a small group – possibly 2-3 men, standing next to a naval ship that was anchored behind them. Trump was wearing a long dark coat. I noticed the men were wearing uniforms and I understood they were high ranking officers. He stood with them and was conferring with them. Then the picture changed. I was mid-air and was looking at the bow of a naval ship travelling in the ocean at a fairly high speed. I saw the ocean water stir white as it was travelling through it. I just saw one ship but I understood there were more. I understood it was related to previous visions #22 and #210. I asked Jesus what this is about and He said, “It refers to the coming attack on America.” I understood that this particular attack is separate from the other visions of a naval attack but all about the future attack on America. Unfortunately, lives will be lost.

What is the message? And Jesus said, “My desire remains the same- America, repent and return to Me- return to your first love! I will restore you. I allow disasters to bring you back to Me. Look at the history of My inheritance; when they turned their eyes to other gods, they fell into sin. Their wickedness became a stench to Me. I allowed other nations to humble them to bring them back to Me. So it will be for America if they do not repent.” He reminded me once again of 2 Chron 7:14



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