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Fulfillment of Averine Pennington’s Warning Dream, “Rampage.” – Michelle Katherine Orts

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Fulfillment of Averine Pennington’s Warning Dream, “Rampage.”

July 5, 2022 8:09 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Dear 444ProphecyNews/Jonathan, I am submitting this acknowledgement to Creator God for the fulfillment of Averine Pennington’s warning dream, Rampage.” I have one other related submission, regarding CERN and July 5th, I am submitting today for your prayerful review and publishing.
In King Jesus’ Service,

Averine Pennington’s warning about Evanston, Illinois, “Rampage,” the dream she received from The Lord Jesus, sadly, came to pass.

Just yesterday, during celebratory festivities, on The 4th of July, 2022, in Highland Park, Illinois, just 11.7 miles away from Evanston, Illinois, six (6) people were killed at a 4th of July Parade from gun shot wounds and over (30) thirty people, including a child as young as eight (8) years old were all wounded.

The eight (8) year old reportedly received trauma surgery at Evanston hospital and was then life flighted to a pediatric hospital. There is a least one other gun shot wound patient who also received care at Evanston hospital. The multiple patients received triage care from multiple medical teams from at least three area hospitals. We thank God for lives spared and for capable medical and emergency personnel who were allegedly assisted by Good Samaritans.

Let us pray Holy Spirit bring the families who lost loved ones and those who suffered injures, Divine Healing and True Comfort in Jesus Mighty Name.

This is not a game that Prophets are playing. Servants who hear from Jesus and who are being bold and WARNING The Endtime Remnant and the World have to give an account directly to God Himself. We become, and are held accountable for actual lives. If we are obedient, then we must warn others. This is SERIOUS life and death stuff!

Most importantly, Eternal lives are at stake. Please, when ANY warning is given, intercede in prayer? Even if perhaps you don’t believe the situation will occur? God does speak to warn us from impending dangers in order that we all may intercede and pray in Jesus’ Mighty Name above all names, seeking Mercy from Creator God’s Throne of Grace in time of need.

I DO BELIEVE that because Averine Pennington was obedient in giving her warning dream and 444ProphecyNews was obedient in publishing it, that many prayers of intercession were prayed and that the devastation intended by The ENEMY of Creator God, (Satan), was LESSENED!

Pray for souls. We MUST pray for our enemies to repent and to be saved. Though these depraved individuals must suffer corporal punishment in this life for committing such heinous evil, if they truly repent and/or are delivered, then perhaps God will spare them and even use them with their time left on earth somehow. In the Bible, Paul was formerly Saul of Tarsus, and Saul was a murderer of Christians. We must remember who our enemy is, he isn’t a person, he is a Fallen Angel who uses his demon progeny to possess unsaved souls. We do not fight against human flesh. This is primarily a Spiritual Battle.

The alleged shooter, Robert “Bobby” Crimo III, is only twenty-two, 22 years old. The son of an unsuccessful local (Illinois) Mayoral candidate was born on September 20, 2000. Crimo is Italian for Crime or Criminal.

The Lord Jesus had given me an interpretation of Averine Pennington’s dream “Rampage” and it was all about “The Double.” Do you see the Double Twos (22 22) and The Roman numeral III (three) (3)in the alleged murderer’s name, age and birthdate?

The Anti-Christ spirit mocks God by using multiples of threes (3’s) and twos (2’s). Many secret and dark societies, which include: State, Federal, International/global government agencies, and even corporations such as Disney, Google, etc, use 32, 33 and 6_6_6 in their branding and advertising campaigns.

The Enemy is still actively on a “Rampage.” Pray. Intercede. Be wise and be prepared. A good guy or a good gal, lawfully armed is wisdom for these last days. Above all put on The Full Armor of God!

In Jesus’ Agape Love,
Michelle Katherine Orts aka TurtleDove and wife to my loving husband Apostolic/Reverend David Orts

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