Friends – Ruth Johnson



November 22, 2021 3:05 PM
Ruth Johnson

I think of You, my Lord Jesus
And weep
In my soul
In my spirit
Tears in my eyes
Your Presence shatters me
Is all that matters to me
In the darkness deep.
I sing to Thee, Lord Jesus
And falter
The music I bring
To Your altar
Is broken and old
But more precious
Than gold
To me
For I believe
It can reach up to Thee
And You Will hear
My song.
I will sing to you
To all you do
Your Motives
Pure and True
So Divine!
To have a Friend
In You
Is all I ask
Of You
And You may want
A friend
In me too!
And so I send to You
A song of love
To Your lofty Throne
High above
And hope You
Smile at me
And wink Your eye
At me
And say girl
We are friends
Through the end!
O Lord, the ecstasy
I feel
When I think on
Your Truths
Lifts me up and up
From this soiled earth
To a place
So clean and pure!
Your Light shines down
On us
Dwelling on
The crust
Through the darkness
Past the veil.
O Lord, Your gentle touch
When I feel blue
Means to me
So much
Coming from You!
There is none like You
Your Boundless Love
Shows through
Your every act
You never lack
You do not lose
Your Virtue oh so Grand
Your reaching helping hand
Is extended
To Your friends!
We do not deserve
Your Grace
Or to even see
Your Face
But, my dear Lord
When I fall asleep at night
And think I may catch sight
Of Your Sweet Countenance
It dispels the blight.
I long to dance all night
In Your arms
Far from harms
Feel safe
In Your Place
Of pretty charms
Content and warm!
It is my hope, my Lord
We can laugh at all
The horrors that befall
Your Chosen Ones
It is a tragedy
That fell upon Your earth
We need a comedy
Of great wit and mirth
When we all meet up again
With no unholy sin
After we all win
Our freedom back
And attend Your Feast
With the ungodly beast
Buried beneath our feet
In hinterlands
Where he no longer
Steals the show
I will be glad to see him go
Back where he belongs.
And Your people will sing
Their songs
To Thee
And we will dance
With Thee
And love You
And never
Be Friendless


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