November 22, 2018

May The Lord bless you, brethren. I am worried because the Lord has given me four dreams. I told some pastors, but they did not believe what I told them. I’ve told many brethren too. I heard a sister to whom the Lord has given revelations, which she published on YouTube and in the church where she attends, and yet the Lord admonished and told her that it was not enough. The Lord told her to go out to the streets and sound the warning because if she did not, He would demand the blood (Ezekiel 33). I want to tell what I was shown, so that it will be published. Glory to the Lord.

It was a Friday afternoon. I had just left my place of work and I sat down to wait for the bus. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit made me feel that something is coming to the earth, something big, a disaster, and at that time, I could see very clearly that even the trees know perfectly what is coming to earth, and I said to them : “Even you know that something approaches the earth, yet the people do not know it.”

In the evening and dawn on Saturday, (I do not remember the time but I know it was in the early morning), I dreamt that I listened to all the media saying that something was coming to the Earth. I watched all the sad people and I saw a married couple who were hugging, as if dancing, saying their last goodbyes to each other. I was looking for my mom and my daughters but I didn’t find them. I have a 23-year-old son but in the dream he was three. I grabbed him in my arms and ran and ran down a main street where I live, but I got tired and put my son on the ground, and I looked backwards, and from the direction of New York came a very high wave. My son was naked and shivering from the cold, and I asked a lady: “Do you have clothes or something to wrap around my child?” My son has strayed. I ask for your prayers for him.

The second dream was like this: I was in front of the sea. As you know, many churches now sell food, and I was going to sell food. I put out a table and a few things on the floor and on the table, and a wave came and washed the things away, and I ran to fetch them and put them on again, and another wave came and dragged everything , and I ran to get the food once again. The third time the wave didn’t come. I saw the sea rising. It was coming.

Brethren, I want to clarify something with all this. I didn’t know what this was all about, until one day I was looking for preaching videos and I found Brother Efrain Rodriguez’s message about the fall of the asteroid. The Lord wanted me to see what is coming to Earth, and that’s when I understood my first dream, in which I felt something disastrous was coming to our planet.

The next day I was afraid to fall asleep even though I am struggling to please the Lord. I had these dreams back in 2014, although nothing happened in that year because the Lord has shown us great Mercy. It hurts Him to do this, but there will come a time when this will happen, because we are few who believe in this judgment.

The third dream was like this: I was in front of some buildings in Fort Lee in New Jersey, and suddenly I saw the buildings falling to my left, and I said to my daughter: “Cecy let’s Go!” I wanted to find a building because I knew the water was coming.

The fourth dream: I saw myself in a hole on the ground. I don’t understand how I was there, because everything was water around me. I didn’t see one house standing, not even a tree. It was all water. Only I could fit in that hole, crouched and with my hands together, and a light above shone on me. It only shone where I was.

I know that the Lord wanted me to reveal this. I feel it, this is His Will. Glory to the Father, the Son and the Sweet Holy Spirit. All glory and honor and praise is to our God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, and all that lies beyond what our eyes can see.
-Elba H





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  1. Medan Vente

    I’m Medan, and i have my third child 5years old daughter who have been dreaming recently about heaven. She calls it “JESUS HOME”. For 5 nights straight she’s been dreaming of Jesus home and ABBA’S place. Just before she sleeps tonight, she told me her dream last night. She make it clear that ABBA’S PLACE is above JESUS HOME. It’s like a mountain diamonds very bright and white above Jesus Home, she said. But today her dream was different from her previous dreams of heaven.

    Her dream:
    I was at Jesus home. I saw the moon, very big and it changes colors from white to yellow. Then I saw a big big big star very bright, like a falling star. It fall from very high to the Earth. And it makes a big hole in it. (When i isked her did she knew where it landed, then she said “NORTH AMERICA”!. And when i asked her how did she knew it’s North America, i just know it.)

    Maybe this is another confirmation of others’ dreams and visions that i read and seen on videos posted. I kept recording her dreams, my dreams and my other kids dreams about endtimes. I know some of them are prophetic.
    May the Lord kept us in peace, as we go thru all these trying times. Keep the good fight, for the Lord’s kingdom, and for His glory.
    God bless you.


  2. jenilynn

    That was a beautiful testimony, thank you for sharing. God is reaching out with his angels to everyone that will listen now, sharing the good news of the second coming on Sunday. He is telling everyone everywhere that it is time to repent and rejoice. Don’t be afraid, the Lord has it all very much under control.

  3. baqvends

    Irmã. Deus me mostrou uma ilha do lado do continente americano. Creio que será lá perto que vai cair e me mostrou um calendário, termina em meados de março 2019. Me pediu para alertar a humanidade. Saiam do litoral, saiam da américa, só Deus vos pode abrigarem, procurem-no que ele vos mostrará um lugar seguro. Que Deus tenha piedade dos que se podem arrepender e que nenhum se perca.

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