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Flee from Babylon – Caroline Diadem


Flee from Babylon

November 2, 2021
Caroline Diadem


Auto Generated Transcript

and good afternoon friends and just come
back on here um just got something from
the lord that i want to share with you
hope you’re all doing really really well
i think i would just like to open up in
prayer as well because i just want to
you know just pray for you as well and
you know being here back in ireland i’m
just you know sensing a heaviness
heaviness in the atmosphere it’s like
i’m sensing things that’s gonna happen
or something’s coming again you know
and i know like for a lot of people it’s
things have been getting kind of have
been getting really intense
because of the mandatory vaccines
especially in america i’ve noticed that
they’re really pushing all this now and
i know that you know
it’s really beginning to impact and put
a squeeze in everybody and
but i’m also feeling just even here
just that atmosphere like
so much just sucking the life breath out
of the atmosphere and i felt it in
america as well
and it’s really difficult i think even
as believers just to stay afloat you
know and
stay in the spirit and keep ourselves
rising above that it’s a warfare that’s
going on you know
and so i just would love to just pray
for for you my viewers
and just pray as i open up this i i did
receive a word from the lord that i just
want to share with you and you can take
it before the lord and
and you can share anything with me you
know my comments you know if if
anything’s resounding as well i’d love
to hear back from you
excuse me so lord god i just thank you
lord for all my viewers i thank you god
um those ones lord who are faithful to
you god and who are
listening to you god and wanting to do
your will and wanting to walk in your
ways god and
lord we bring you know this world before
you god it’s just
so difficult what what’s happening right
god i just pray lord for strength lord
for each one of us god that we will just
stay in the spirit that will stay strong
in your word
that we will listen to you jesus that
we’ll have a
an ear to hear what the spirit of the
lord is speaking to us
in this season god that we don’t miss
what you’re saying we don’t miss what
you’re doing lord
and god lord jesus that you will just
make our way straight before us and god
that you will show us
how to move forward in all these things
lord jesus
so we thank you for your wisdom we thank
you for your guidance we thank you for
your grace and mercy
towards us we thank you for your
wonderful salvation
that you’ve freely given to us through
jesus christ
and we praise and bless your holy name
in jesus name
so amen amen so i’m just going to share
with you some of the things that the
lord shared me there some of them are a
little bit random a lot of it is
relevant to america
um so i’m just gonna jump in here and
just read and
we’ll we’ll just see
as we go
okay so i got a few just personal words
so i’m just ignoring them um
and jumping straight in here
and i got the word aluminum right and i
got it the way the americans say it we
would say aluminium over here but you
say aluminum
and god highlighted this to me right and
he said
it’s used for shutting you down
prevailing substance
and i heard the i remember the movie i
robot came to mind you know i must look
that up actually so then i heard
irrigated land demise
soil infiltration
crops fail
and then i got the word baited and i got
virginia in the usa
gated properties
and then i got
this on the run so i was seeing i began
to see people on the run right
and i s and i heard ruthless being
um end of civil liberties
and um i felt the words like covert
overcoming covert it’s all got to do
with overcoming coverage so to speak
civil on rare cities shaking i felt
cities actual shaking
riots unruly cloak and dagger cover-ups
lie bell cases
overruled and state governance
then i heard the black knight
it comes
infiltration and overpowered
now in some of my other videos i have
referenced to the black knight in a few
of my videos my my a couple of my last
so i will see if i can dig one or two of
them out but the the black knight i
believe could be in reference to the
coming world war or the coming troubles
that’s going to hit okay
and because it’s something that the lord
has been kind of beginning to use with
me right
and then i heard live by the sword die
by the sword so be careful you know if
exert vengeance you know through using
weaponry you know you could die by the
sword so i think that’s a warning for
the lord
betrayed so i felt
i heard that in big letters betrayed so
i felt it was like america is going to
become aware like suddenly
she is going to become aware and i’m
talking about the common people i know
there’s people that understand what’s
going on there’s a lot of people that
still don’t understand what’s going on
or putting the head in the sand because
they don’t want to see what’s going on
i felt that there’s going to be like a
complete awakening that people are going
to realize she’s betrayed america has
been portrayed right
um and judas comes i got that word okay
so obviously jude is the betrayer he’s
handing us over you know
anyway i want to add to that but you can
just put your own bits together on that
so anyway upheaval mass of upheaval
no way out
america redundant
energy crisis
oil crisis fuel allowance
flee the country they are crippling her
they are taking her down get out while
you can
now adding to that i just want to say
that i did have a word recently i don’t
know if i put it out but i heard the
word um um prisoners
and i felt like there’s going to be law
changes where they’re going to be able
to put people in prison probably due to
their v’s so
and also i really felt like there’s a
coup going on with their shipping with
the cargos and all that like just as
there was a political coup
that went on now i feel this is another
where they’re um tying up all the cargo
and stuff like that i believe it’s
deliberate and i believe it’s a coup
um discharge troops
riot police
fierce and tough special forces with
special force so i felt these were
different kind of a police force they
were a very regimental tough
a brutal place for force is what i was
seeing and i saw them in padded gear
black padded gear even around their
faces like they were you know they were
very militant looking okay
and i saw that i felt there were a
special type of force now i’m not
american so i don’t know all the police
forces over there but this is what i was
seeing so i’m just describing what i was
um and they’re going to exert force
and they’re pretty ruthless that’s what
i was sensing
they’re trained to be ruthless that’s
what i felt
so get out while you can trouble is
coming it’s in the air
so i got that and then
um i saw this i
saw a launch of an attack a missile i
saw the missile so i hear and see a
missile i see it taking off it’s bright
orange and yellow and it’s shooting off
into the air this slim skinny missile
shooting off into the air
it’s a blue sky early morning and it’s a
beautiful fresh morning for such a thing
to happen is this
it’s the russians and i sense it
it’s called blue something or project
blue or something blue i don’t know i
just heard the word blue
so i don’t know but it’s in reference to
what they’re doing this whole project
what they’re doing
and it’s a crime
so um
let me see then i heard take a sample
and i and i
saw a bay region like the bay region in
san francisco area that bay region so it
was like a take a sample that’s what i
was hearing right and rocket launchers
so i was hearing the launch of rocket
um and then i saw putin and i felt he
has no fear
he is determined standing in his refined
suit his mind is set he has already won
because the u.s has already sold out
he’s testing the waters take a sample
so i don’t know what that means i don’t
know whether they’re going to sample
something or do something as a sample
um was
a psyop
that was a question that jumped into my
mind as well after this okay
so be strong you shall do great exploits
from me in the midst of chaos trouble
and darkness
forge away i give you strength a strong
brow forehead to forge a way through the
and i made your brow like flint to plow
forward into the difficulty move forward
forge ahead of the trouble
and so this could be in relation to
other people but i also felt was in
relation to my husband because i felt
that was a call that was something that
god was calling him to do as well
our world is in for a shock
the antichrist b system the new world
order churches are not prepared
then i got another word i heard fauci
very clearly
fauci is ouchy that’s what i heard the
lord saying
he is out
fall guy one of the first satan has no
loyalty for these that he uses
here’s your hard lesson those who serve
power and money
that satan can dispose of you easily and
quickly okay
capitol hill i heard capitol hill
and i heard drafts and i heard criminal
and i heard gestapo type force
and i see the elite crowning themselves
so i was getting a visual there and i
was literally seeing the elite
crowning themselves putting crowns on
and i believe obama was one of them okay
um giving themselves glory
you can be sure the lord will take them
out quickly
remember and i felt this the lord
highlighted this at the end this is the
last thing remember
america falls first mystery babylon
so that’s the word i got from the lord
and you know pray about it i felt to
deliver it quickly
and just to give that to you can pray
and just um see if the lord expands any
more on that for you
meanwhile i’ll just have a look up about
the dark knight in my prophecies and see
which videos are relevant
um and maybe add it on in the comment
section here so maybe look out for that
as well and remind me if i forget
because i do forget these things
so listen god bless you my dear brothers
and sisters stay strong
in the midst of all this stay close to
jesus christ you know stay in his word
say in his truth
stay alert and awake to what is what is
happening but um the lord has you
and he will shield and protect his own
god bless you all bye


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