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Five minutes to disaster!!!

January 12, 2020
2 Peter 3:8 (KJV)
But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

The Lord speaks in different ways. Whether we understand it or not, it is our job to send out the message and try to learn from it. There is no small or big message, all are pointing to the end. This one, I have a hard time releasing it out of the concerns of the time, not to be taken as time setting. It is evident that when time is mentioned, hopes will either go up or down. This is not about time setting, it is about the warning and the danger looming sooner or later, the nearness of the time. It is up to the Lord to set the time, to facilitate or delay. Sweat or bitter, here it is as it is recorded on time.

“Five minutes to disaster”!!!
(August 25, 2017 3:00 AM) “Five minutes to disaster”!!!

Towards the East, I see two groups facing each other to fight. They look civilian, no arms and there is a field between them. They are about to confront each other. I am running fast, as fast as I can and my brother in front of me. I am telling him, I am enough, I can take care of this and we stood in the middle to stop them Then the seen changes and I am facing Kim, the NK leader, with two people by my side all of us leaning on a table like having a chat. Funnily, I am telling Kim, like a friend “I am Denis Rodman, your friend but I look better than your friend” With his usual forced smiles and black dress, he smiles and shook hands. Then, I told him “If you shoot, what you shoot is going to hit you back” and I am pointing to him with my hands. I pointed my hand like a hand gun and pointed directly to his forehead, friendly and told him, “If you shoot, they will shoot you like this” and he is no more in front of me.

Very strange. week after next week, the days shine like golden yellow ,

Five minutes to disaster”!!!
Then I see a calendar showing rows of days on the ground. I see next week, looks normal but the if something is coming in those days. Then I saw three human like beings from their back. They are bright, bright light but in human shape, they walked towards the East, to the end of the world, calm, one on the side of the other, I didn’t see their face, they look older in age, walked gently away from the area. They are not humans, they are dressed with yellow golden light. Then I heard a voice say “

Who are the three dressed in lights? What I saw is not missiles, they look like humans and they are not humans.

In whatever way it is reveled, this came to pass:-
On August 26, 2017 North Korea fired three medium range missiles to the ocean and on August 26, 2017 10:35 PM I heard the voice say-“The one you saw on the ground was their military”

What are the “Five minutes”???
As you can see, the five minutes are fast gone before I wake up for the next day and the next five days have reveled the event which came to pass. The Five minutes, I kept it until now, for two and half years. The firing of the three missiles is not a disaster by itself, it is a warning for the coming disaster. The message is not up to what has happened, it is about what is coming. For sure we know now, five minutes is not five minutes.

Pray and take it to the Lord for the truth, clarity and understanding.

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