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Fireballs – Kasey Streichert Burt


Nov 7, 2019, 7:33 AM
Kasey Streichert Burt

I had a dream back in 1996 of Fireballs coming down from the sky. I was standing in street. It was in a normal residential community. There were children playing outside and down the street a man was mowing his lawn. It was summer and the weather was warm and it was a clear day.

Suddenly fireballs started dropping from the sky. There was no sound of planes or missiles, they just dropped and gases came out of them. The people all started dropping dead on the sidewalks and ground and I thought perhaps a chemical was in the gases that were coming out of the fireballs.


You need to get a World Map if you want to see what I saw clearly.


If you draw a circular pie, draw a line across it, left to right to make two halves. Then from the center of that middle line draw a line straight down. Now there are three parts, one large half pie on the top which is North.

At the bottom are two parts, South West and South East. The South West section is where I saw the fireballs and total destruction. This South West section was completely destroyed, buildings were on fire, the people were all dead. I don’t what the origins of the fireballs were, exactly where they came from or what they were made of; I don’t know. I am a Seer not a Scientist.

If you superimpose this drawing over a WORLD map, the South West section starts from Middle Canada at the edge of Alaska, all the way down covering the United States and through Argentina. It moves East to Denmark, Italy straight down through the edge of Africa. This is a massive area. By the way, Italy falls into the “Fireball” section here.

What appeared to be a SAFE ZONE I saw in the dream would be the section to the South East. Again, on a World map, this would be from Poland down through most of Africa and goes completely East past Australia and New Zealand.  Now this is all based on putting it on a WORLD map.

If I superimpose this just on the United States, then the South West section of America will be hit with fireballs. This would include Sacramento moving East through Nevada, Utah, Colorado to Kansas and Oklahoma and down through Texas to the Gulf. The western section including Arizona and New Mexico. Again, a massive area that will be nearly destroyed by “Fireballs”. The SAFE ZONE in this scenario would be everything SOUTH EAST to the Atlantic Ocean. Here, Texas does fall into the “Fireball” section. I am not entirely sure this was a safe zone, it appeared to be but it could have been a trap, especially if the World Map was used and this took us east to where the anti- Christ will rise up.

I was not permitted to “see” the upper sections of the North, so I do not know what condition that area will be in when this occurs. I can’t speak on what I haven’t been permitted to see.

In the dream a man came to the street I was on and he led me away from the area being hit with Fireballs. I walked up a mountain to the East and then inside that mountain. This was the Safety Zone or at least appeared to be. When inside that mountain, I felt uneasy, almost like it was a trap. So, I am not sure it was safe after all. As far as the fireballs, meteorite’s, falling stars, missiles, I guess all are possible.

1996 Kasey Streichert (Burt)


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