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Fireballs and a Huge Syringe – Cassandra


Fireballs and a Huge Syringe

July 30, 2021 1:05 PM


I dreamed I saw lots of what looked like shooting stars in the sky. Then there were SO MANY it looked like FIREWORKS. I noticed a hill about a mile away off to my left, and it was engulfed in flames. I told my Mom, “We have to flee!” and we did, in a vehicle. There were others there that DID NOT FLEE, and I had a knowing in my spirit they were going to be trapped by the fire. …I had another fireball dream around that same time, and somehow, the police KNEW THEY WERE COMING.

I had another brief dream that same night. An airplane dropped a HUGE SYRINGE (the KILLSHOT) right in front of my house. It was bigger, longer, and wider than a BASEBALL BAT. I had to leave immediately. I think this was a warning of the door to door forced shots coming and here. They may come for me (and you)…and if we are on their “list” we may have to flee. …maybe after the first time they knock and we don’t answer, we will have to flee, I’m not sure. I am hoping we will have some advance notice. Even if they are just down the street from you. Be ready.

Here are a few other dreams from my journal I feel led to share. I will keep them brief, as most of them are brief anyway, some with a short comment in parentheses. As always, take everything to Father in prayer.

Date: Dream:
4/29/18 A T-Rex was under the ocean. (We know about what is under Antarctica, and others have had dreams of dinosaurs under the sea.)
Numerous times I have dreamed of flying
Numerous dreams of having a baby.
4/21/19 I dreamed it was “time to go” for the 144k and we were all lit up!
7/4/19 1:58 a.m. I heard in my spirit “Gay things (products, symbols, pics, etc.) have a spirit of perversity on them. (I did not buy any products with the gay rainbow, stolen rainbow)
7/8/19 Potent fluoride toothpaste that would be used to poison the masses (use coconut oil instead.)
8/11/19 I was telling someone vaccines are bad. (In reality, I did try to warn others, especially family about the shot, and they did not listen.)
7/21/20 After midnight there was an odd “blooping” noise outside my window. (UFO? being watched?)
12/24/20 I may have already shared this, but it is worth mentioning again, I dreamed of food and other things being backordered. (coming to pass now)
6/5/21 Dream of defeating wolves. I had to do this twice. The first time, I defeated them using mace. I was driving back to my town and all the cars stopped. I knew in my spirit an EMP occurred. I got out to walk home and had to defeat more wolves. I was able to easily once again using the mace. In researching the meaning of wolves in dreams I
found that wolves are often considered a synonym for the devil. Jesus/Yahushua is symbolized as a lamb, and wolves prey on sheep and lambs. Mark 7:15, “Beware of false prophets
which come to you sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Luke 10:3 “Go your way, behold, I send you out as lambs among wolves.”
6/24/21 Brief dream of people in alligator outfits. (someone else shared an alligator dream here recently)
7/2/21 Very bad dream, 2 UFOs in the house. I couldn’t talk. (this happens sometimes in attack dreams) it was over quickly and I got the song “Brave” in my spirit by Sarah Bareilles, “say
what you want to say, let the words fall out…I want to see you be brave…”

I hope this has helped, encouraged, and blessed you.

Keep sharing what God shares with you, and pray for discernment on all things!

Much love, blessings, and almost Shabbat shalom; have a restful Shabbat everyone,

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