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“Finland helped Germany in WWII” – Marcos

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“Finland helped Germany in WWII”

August 9, 2021 5:37 PM

Greetings everyone! I’d like to share a word the LORD gave me through a short dream yesterday.

Some days before the dream, my brother and I were watching a very long World War II documentary on YouTube. After the dream, I remembered a part of the documentary in which the narrator stated that Finland stayed “neutral” during the whole war. After he stated that and the film kept going, I forgot about it. But as I slept yesterday night, God showed me a blurry image with a opaque gray background of a World War II soldier with his bayonet rifle standing on a hill. I didn’t see any detail other than his soldier uniform and and him holding his rifle waiting for instructions. When I saw that, I heard a voice say: “FINLAND HELPED GERMANY IN WWII.” End of dream.

Thinking about it, I see in a deeper sense how the media around us is constantly LYING, no matter the source. If the history books and “official” documentaries say that “Finland was neutral in WWII.”, and God says, “FINLAND HELPED GERMANY IN WWII.”, then someone is wrong. We must begin to understand that no matter what you have been told by a school teacher, college professor, politician, or historian, about any occurrence in human history, only God knows what happened, because He was there. After doing a little research, I found out that yes, Finland allied itself with Nazi Germany from the beginning of the war, until 1944, when it decided to fight against them with the Allies. Most of what Finland did was allow the Germans to take some land so they could attack Russia from there. They also imprisoned and starved thousands of Russian POW’s (prisoners of war) in Finnish concentration camps. Even though Finland was able to remain practically intact in terms of its internal government and nationalism, they gave some Jews to Germany’s concentration camps, and committed mass murders of Russian soldiers and revolutionists in certain towns.

I believe that if we ask the LORD for His truth, in prayer and faithfulness, He will give us His truth and tell us what we should know to prepare for times like these. God bless and may He keep His Body pure and righteous for these End Times. Amen.

Here’s the link to a Wikipedia article about Finland’s role in World War II:

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