Nov 19, 2019, 2:35 PM
M Goss

Hello Brothers and Sisters, The Lord showed me a vision on November 4, 2019 and today I have been led to share it. Please pray about this…Much love your Sister in Christ

I was in a large office in a high rise….through a large panoramic window I could that the building was high in the clouds no other buildings visible only clouds and sky. In front of me was a desk and on the desk I saw a document, on the document I saw the words: FINANCIAL RECONSTRUCTION and beneath those words, I saw the words TIERS. As I looked up towards the window I saw in a person in the left hand corner. At first I thought it was a woman in all black, but as I looked closer and the person came into focus, I saw the face of Jarred Kushner. He was looking out of the window, then I noticed that his right hand began to change into long birdlike fingers with long pointy nails. He lifted his hand and scratched 3 lines in the glass.

End of vision.

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