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Final Test The Hour of Trouble – Michelle Katherine Orts


Final Test The Hour of Trouble

October 4, 2021 7:14 PM
Michelle Katherine Orts

Monday, October 4th, 2021 7:00PM CDT #USA #WORLD

Dear Remnant Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus,

Regarding God’s Timetable.

I believe with all of my heart, mind and soul, that all of mankind, the entire world, will soon be entering into the last hour of Trouble that the Bible speaks of. This will take place within 3 and 1/2 years from this past Hebraic Pentecost which occurred May 17th, 2021 in Israel.

I am firmly convinced, by Jesus’ Holy Spirit Who is The Greatest Teacher of all time, that the world has entered into its final leg of existence. The Nation of Israel (Israel is a geographical nation of God’s Inheritance and Israel also represents an Anointed, Appointed and Called by God Person or God’s Chosen People) is now 73 years old. Scripturally, generations lasted 70 to 80 years after Noah’s Flood and after the death of Noah. There are 7 years left for Israel to reach its maturity of 80 years in this generation cycle though it is theoretically possible to add 15 years as a Hezekiah precedent.

The scripture speaking of the fig tree regarding Israel’s longevity and the fulfillment of prophesy is very clear. This generation shall not pass away until the fulfillment of ALL scripture, meaning all prophesy and all events, are fulfilled which includes the Return of Our Warrior King Yeshua Ha Mashiach, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus God in the flesh.

Jesus’ Holy Spirit has told me (and I believe many other Saints also) that we are now in Daniel’s Week. The missing seven years that was not yet finished in time is here now upon us. We can expect to see The Book of Revelation continue to unveil itself in real time.

This is the final test for all souls to choose to trust Christ Jesus as their personal Lord Creator God and Eternal Savior or choose the Anti-Christ Beast System and suffer eternal torment with Satan and his traitorous rebellious Fallen Ones. Time is short and the wrath of the enemy of God and God’s children is evident in daily current events with the desire to cull the earth with the death shots which contains the number of the Beast’s name (Patent #060606) The Name: Luciferase/Luciferine and The Image of The Beast which is Fallen Angel DNA mingled with murdered baby blood and tissue. You might like to read more in my previous post, Abomination of Desolation.

Do not take the jab. The mRNA SARS2 Coronavirus or any subsequent variants of COVID or even mRNA Flu “vaccines” are extremely dangerous to our human innate (God given and designed) immune systems. These mRNA “vaccines” are NOT vaccines because they do not prevent infection nor do they prevent infectious transmission from one human to another. In fact, the baby blood mingled synthetic mRNA bio nano technology programs are regenerative and transmissable self replicating and self amplifying multipliers of the S-Spike protein which can be shed (in sweat, in breath and in body fluids) from those who have received the “vaccines.”

The mRNA bionanotechnology containing graphene oxide particles which shred blood cells and organ tissue upon contact, including but not limited to the heart lungs and brain, are a Genetic Modifying Coding Device upon injection. If you have taken any form of the mRNA injections, repent. Plead the Saving and Redeeming Blood of Jesus upon yourself and upon loved ones and neighbors.

The mRNA shots will ultimately turn into The Mark of The Beast. I believe if you have unknowingly or unwillingly taken, or if you or loved ones have actually been forced to take the injection, that, if you or they repent, God is Faithful and Just, Jesus is Merciful to forgive you and them. Do not take any more jabs though! Do not test God! Intercede for loved ones and neighbors to be strong to not cave into peer pressure or societal demands which are ungodly and go against Holy scripture.

Put on the full armor gals n guys! Jesus is Victor and King of Kings and He’s calling out to His Warrior Bride to be Strong, Courageous and to Stand Firm. We must love one another with Jesus’ Agape Love, Encourage each other and Share The Gospel until it is no longer possible, while there is still Light left to work by which is Jesus’ Holy Spirit. Be Salt. Be Light for The Glory of God alone in Jesus’ Mighty Name above all names.

Mrs. Michelle Katherine Orts, Daughter to King Jesus and wife to husband Reverend David Orts

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