Final Hour!!! – Victoria Ang

Victoria Ang

I was woken at 4 AM to pray! ( I am usually woken at 5 AM to pray) After praying for about an hour I received a vision with the words”FINAL HOUR”!!! Then I saw a hand timer like that of a kitchen timer used when cooking ! I heard the timer ticking and then the bell went off as in time is completed ! …………

Let us continue to stay in diligent prayer! Things are moving very fast now! The Lord is our strength!We must keep focused on his word and his promises to us all! As we look to him for guidance!

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  1. carlos


  2. Cindergirl

    there was no date as to when this vision was seen.

  3. PROPHET SAMBO-Endtime prophet

    Yes,we are in the HOUR OF TRIAL-This is were you will see real Christians persecuted like never before to Deny JESUS.

    I am the End time Elijah my master JESUS Prophesied about to come in the Latter days and the one Moses Prophesied in Deuteronomy 18 AMD Matthew 17 and Revelation 11 to restore all things, to preach Repentance. Im from Zambia.

    Find me on Facebook sambo sambo-and see the Warnings I have been sending to the body of Christ and lost generation and the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    What’s app me on 0979602188 and I will send you audios with details of where we are standing right now and the 7year Tribulation we are in.

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