Feral dogs are gong to be everywhere – Corlene

Feral dogs are gong to be everywhere

March 3, 2020 10:07 AM

Hi, I had this dream in the fall of 2017, don’t know the exact date but I have had 3 dreams that I would say came from God.

I live about an hour from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada, on a farm.

We have raised all kinds of livestock, including dogs. Standard poodles included.

In the dream, I had walked out in the yard, there were storm clouds in the sky, just average, not super menacing clouds. I heard a noise, and looked up, and saw something coming towards me in the clouds. It was a chariot being pulled by dogs, standard poodles to be exact. They had long flowing hair, and were 3 colors. The first was an apricot with long flowing hair, and a cream base underneath the apricot hair. The one beside the cream was an orangy color with a cream base, and the 3rd was a more bronze orange with a cream base close to the skin.

Their hair was very long for a poodle, and flowed behind them as they ran, creating a picture that actually resembled flickering flames. The 3 dogs were yolked together side by side, and ran toward me pulling the chariot. As they got close to me they veered off to the left and raced off into the clouds with the chariot.

I was stunned, and standing there wondering what that was.

As I pondered, I heard a sound in the sky, looked up to the clouds, and there they were again, these same dogs racing towards me pulling the chariot, and again, just as they got close to me, they veered off to the left and raced off into the clouds.

Now I was really perplexed, and standing there wondering what I was seeing, and I heard the noise again and looked up again, and there they were a 3rd time, running towards me pulling the chariot and as before, just as they got close to me, they veered off to the left and raced off into the clouds.

Now I’m like,” God you really got my attention. What in the world are you showing me.”

So, I got out the strongs concordance and my bible, and did a little study on chariots and dogs.

The chariot is a vehicle, wagon for riding. In our culture its mostly depicted as an ancient war machine, has a military use...

Dog means to yelp, or to attack, a dog, and beast means a dangerous animal, hunting, destruction.

So, having raised dogs, I can tell you, that the conclusion is, analize the nature of dogs, poodles in particular.

We had a male standard poodle who played tag with us just the way these 3 dogs did, he’d run towards you full tilt, then, just as he got close enough for you to touch him, he’d veer off to the left and race away, his joy in this game was amazing. The poodles were amazing killers, we never had cats, and the neighbours cats were not around long if they came across the road to hunt, because the dogs would run and kill them, in seconds, it was their great joy and delight to kill cats. Our female came into the barn with a meat bird, chicken in her mouth, alive. So I took it to put it back in the chicken pen, and when I got there, to my horror, there was dead and dying birds every where. When they stopped dying the count was 72. She found her calling in life…she was so happy and oblivious to the carnage she reaped.

Here in Canada, up north, every few years you’ll hear on the news that wild dogs are running in packs, attacking people, and they have to go on a big hunt and kill them off.

When I was a kid, there was a town 12 miles south of us that had to do a purge, because dogs had started packing and were chasing kids on the way to school, so the men got out the guns, and went on a town clean up. Any dog not in a fenced yard or chained up was shot.

As well, I know of 2 incidents where a person died in their home, and the dogs in the house ate them before anyone found them, my girl who took the emt training said a fellow student who had gone on an emergency response call ran into the same issue ,someone died at home, the dogs had lunch.

Now think about it. We live in a society where dogs are often treated better than people, many people have 2 or more dogs, and they do feed them.

What is going to happen when our world goes south so to speak, and the shtf. The natural disasters that are being dreamed of, warnings of massive death and destruction, who will feed all those dogs. Hungry stray dogs pack, and start hunting, livestock, and people. Its a known fact. That’s why there are keep the dogs on leash laws.

The dangerous beasts mentioned in the book of revelations means a dangerous animal, hunting, destruction, and I do believe, it’s not talking just about wild animals, the true wild animals will be far less dangerous than the domestic homeless, unfed dogs that are gong to be every where.

They will also serve as the clean up crew for the dead bodies laying everywhere, because, there will be a lot of them, and on the farm, when an animal dies, you just haul it far off from the yard, and the dogs clean it up. We tried burying a dead sheep once, the dogs just dug up one end, and ate it from the inside out, so, no sense going to the trouble to bury them when they die.

I sent this dream to a couple of those guys on youtube that have made prophecies and had a dream about 1 of them guys, he read my letter, got a grave look on his face, and silently slipped the letter under the desk cover on his desk and pressed it down.

I believe that people should be prepared to put their dogs down, cause this isn’t gonna be a picnic for them either, we’re in for a rough ride folks, and the most important thing we can do is, come to God in faith, and ask him, what do you want me to do. Spiritual preparation, and physical preparation. If we ask he will answer.

Have a good day., from Canada.

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  1. Frank

    God put it on my heart and maybe this is my personal pride. I don’t know Judge Ye but here’s the deal I just had to put my neighbors dog down and I’m talking 4 gunshots to the Head it wasn’t pretty and this is not Pride talking and I promise you ask anybody who knows me I don’t miss but I think God was trying to teach me a lesson because it did not go the way I thought it was going to go I’ve killed many animals during hunting/personal protection one shot one kill my father was Vietnam vet professional killer as well as Military Intelligence I’ve been trained by The Best of the Best I don’t miss and this time it didn’t go the way I thought it would this one didn’t go that way you better pray on this because if you’ve never done it can actually watch some YouTube videos of cops shooting dogs and stuff like that because it ain’t like Old Yeller one gunshot and its over it doesn’t work like that yeah it sucks trust me the only dogs I’ve ever come in contact with just want to love once in awhile you get a psycho one but even that one I personally found that when you take the time you can actually love it out of if you try hard enough I had a dog that bit me initially 145 lb Rottweiler and before it was over I was crying like a baby when I had to put him down because he got cancer and I couldn’t save him I have a real hard time with this one if I’m wrong God forgive me if I’m right please pray on it everybody cuz unless you’ve already had to do this you don’t know what I’m talkin about this is not easy it’s not like the movies anyway God bless everyone please pray on us because I know the prophecy say this but here’s the deal you can shoot all the dogs you want and it ain’t going to stop God’s Will from being done don’t ever forget that and not that it matters but it was a 44 magnum yeah physics for suspended that night last week this is fresh for me please pray for me cuz I’m having a hard time with it I’m still trying to wrap my head around the way it all went down the dog got accidentally ran over the gutts were laying out and it was the only Humane thing to do we’re out in the middle of nowhere there was no saving it anyway God bless everybody please pray on us because if this is God’s will it’s going to happen he’s showing me that lately doesn’t matter what I know how good I am or what equipment I have if he wants it to happen its going to happen

  2. Ken

    I always wondered how much threat really could wild beasts post to human in the end time as warned in the bible, but dogs just make total sense to me, thanks!

  3. JB

    First of all i confess that Jesus came in the flesh, dear brothers and sisters i have a couple of dreams of the apocalypse with dogs first of all i have to say i love dogs so in the dream i was in my city its a big city from latin América there is no sun so all is dark very dark i know that the apocalypse started sudennly a lot of dogs from all size come closer to me i feel bad when i remembre this part i really dont want to hurt them, so in the dream i ran away, i get safe in a house.

    In another dream i saw a dog that its really hurt so i heal .

    I think the dogs and another animals have a rol in the apocalypse but even that we have to treat with love.

    The people are the responsable for the apocalypse for the sin and the rebelion with our Lord.


  4. Edith

    Pet owner will most likely have to resort to killing and eating their pets. People would be seeking protein sources during a famine. Kennels and animals shelters could very well be invaded by hungry mobs.

  5. mark kroeker

    We have (3) dogs…a young one, middle age, and an older one! Honestly, I have been wondering about putting down our oldest dog now, before times get tough, and also to save on pet food costs. Believe me, the issue of feral dogs has been on my thoughts often. We live in the country so I will be prepared if hungry dogs come calling!

  6. McKana

    As to what the Lord clearly reveled to me, the dogs represent the fallen angels. You can see from the frightening natures of those furious attack dogs.They are the fallen angels, will come to our Earth soon.
    See at the end the whole posting on this website.
    Your concern of the domesticated “beasts” in our house is understandable. What you saw is different, spiritual, not of carnal nature.
    Angry pack of attack dogs in the air, some on the ground-The Fallen.
    (FEBRUARY 5, 2019 3:00 AM)
    I see four, five children, boys and girls in a green field, in a living neighborhood. They are juggling a set of keys in their hands, from one to another almost dropping from their hand and landed on the paw of one small good looking family dog. The dog kicked the key, it jumped from its right paw and landed little further to the left on a grassy land. A little further, there come one young man in his 17 18s with his friends and dug the key from the grass. It came out as a rusted rubber glob, a small golf ball size. It has letters curved on it.

    This young men and the little children are looking up, high up in the highland, way up but is a land. They are on a land on the sky, not on the ground. They are their families which have gone up there. They are in good conditions, safe and in clean colorful clothes. This young men with has young family members are trying to call their family way up above the ground. The family is looking down but they don’t seem to come back, they are safe there, gone. Then, the two young men stared making noise with a rolled paper board like a tuba, not a trumpet. By the time they make the sound of the tuba, the dogs in the neighborhood got alarmed, agitated. One stared barking angrily, another one, another one followed.

    They are ready to jump for the attack, barking furiously. When their barking gets louder, there came many dogs, huge ones from way up in the sky, the heavens. There are black, big, angry, ready to attack, with very fast speed, they are spanning the sky. They are dark, huge, long, angry, frightening attack dogs. They came towards us but on the air. We stated running to hid by the grassy hill towards where they are coming from. Before they attack us, I woke up.

    The key-clueless of the danger ahead.
    The family saved, the young on the ground in danger. The devil and his army-the fallen ones, ready for the attack, some are already on the ground.


  7. Mr. Up North

    I would like to respond to this important message brothers & sisters in Christ. I do not doubt the veracity of this posting in any way, or part. Some qualifications…I can speak to those who have dogs and love them about my own negotiations with God on this very issue for the last 30 years.
    1. There are dogs in heaven.
    2. I recently read a beautiful message written by a woman, who mentioned receiving a vision or message (sorry can’t remember her name or exactly what it was called), about lying in bed and hearing the slow deep breathing of her sleeping husband and “their beloved dogs”. They are part of our lives and families and I pray for mine every day!
    3. Pray to God if your house is a goshen or refuge, that you can provide the food needed to feed your pets and store it now! God will multiply the food when the time comes Have Faith!
    4. Buy at least 3 months of food, beyond what they are eating now. Do It Now!
    5. God hates hybrids, many breeds are 1000 years old (mine is that old). God will allow dogs to go into the Era Of Peace. It is part of my own mission to take the breed of dogs I have had for over 30 years into the Era Of Peace. I had a litter of pups last year specifically to do this, with Gods knowledge and acceptance.
    6. I do not doubt there will be starving packs of dogs rampaging/devouring dead bodies, hunting anything alive for food but if you have faith in God, read Psalm 91, and trust in God, He will provide and multiply food. Be at peace about your pets. If you are travelling to a perm. refuge or goshen you will be invisible to the enemy. Have Faith.
    7.If you must flee your house when the A-C is declared and the chip demanded of all, keep a small plastic bowl, some bottled water, leash, dry food in a doogy bug-out-bag at the door. I do not believe God wants our pets to suffer, you must however plan now.
    8. If you have birds and have to flee, release them unless you want to try and carry them but that will be a burden that may exceed your strength. But dogs can walk on a leash Thank God.
    9. Will not respond to negative comments on this reply from the many trolls who frequent this amazing site. If this is any help to those who love their pets God Bless You!

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