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FEMA took the children – Debi Peters

FEMA took the children

March 1, 2020 10:37 PM
Debi Peters

I had, what I think was a prophetic dream, 1-2 years ago. I think now might be the perfect time to release it, as for the first time, it’s making sense to me, because of the Novel Corona Virus spreading across the world.

I dreamt I was working in a middle school. I was just coming out of a building when a middle student looked at me and said, “They are here!” I looked where she was looking, and within seconds, several white big FEMA buses (they looked like RV’s), pulled up quickly to the back of the school. I and the student were the only ones that saw this. I instantly knew: They are here to take the students! As a mother, I left my job an instantly went to pick up my kids at another school. Somehow we hopped on a flatbed truck as it was making it’s way out of town, and that’s how we got out of there.


As the Novel Corona Virus (Covid19) continues to spread across the world and the US, I think God is warning us that one day soon, one or more of the students are going to get infected. When this happens, they will most likely quarantine the whole school. Since they know parents would have an absolute fit if they couldn’t pick up their kids, FEMA might be planning on taking the kids to some other facility where the parents can’t pick up their kids until after the quarantine. Maybe once the parents are inside the building, the parents might be forced into this quarantine building also. As far as the coming “immunizations” goes, I could see how this could force families into taking these shots. I think it’s very important that this warning goes out now. Please be in prayer about it, and for how long to keep your kids in public schools. I also work in a public school, please pray for God to let me know if I should quit soon or not. Thank you.


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