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FEMA – Lillian Viana

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August 7, 2020 10:18 PM
Lillian Viana

I had a prophetic dream in 2018, I feel I need to share now.

I found myself in a really big room or stadium something happened very quick and the place was very full with people were no space between each other we hear a sound of shooting we all went to the floor face down . The silent came I stoop up because I was alive and because they were shooting I want to mark myself with blood in that way they won’t shoot me because they will think I’m dead. For my surprise I look around and everyone was dead but no one has blood . Right away I knew was a chemical attack. For some reason we were hearing shooting but no one was shoot.

Right after that the scene changed and I found myself in Some city in the United States , I live in FL but that happened in all US. Was no electricity all was dark , people walking very tired, hungry, desespérate, disorderly, dirty , look like they walk a lot to get there and so many people lost everything and they have no place to go. In that town they put cords between post and tress and hung some kerosene lamps that’s old style we call in Spanish (quinqué).

They have FEMA with tables and food waiting for people to go there to feed them and take them in school busses to FEMA Camps . I was observing and the people that were there eating right away were instructed to board the bus. I took a look at he bus and I saw the people one with the head on the chowder of the people were next to them. I understood God was with me showing me what was happening. So I said to God, “ Oh Poor people they are very tired and falling asleep right away get in the busses” . And God told me No that’s not the reason, the food they are giving to them is poisonous . And I wake up.

God bless you


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