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Fate is Sealed – Carla Smith

Fate Is Sealed

Saturday, June 15, 2019
Carla Smith


Received June 3, 2019

The morning of June 3, after waking up, I was pondering getting my day started when I was given a vision …

I saw a hearse parked with the back door opened … looking closely at the inside (I was standing right beside the open door) observing closely, I saw a large wooden casket … The casket, as in live motion started sealing itself closed, very tightly … no person was touching the casket … then the door to the hearse was closed … the day looked dreary and heavy … I then ask the Lord, why am I seeing this casket in the hearse sealing itself shut … I then turned on my side and closed my eyes and the vision continued … I saw the hearse driving slowly down the road with MANY cars following in the funeral precession … every single car had the American flag draped OVER them … I heard “America’s fate is sealed” … end of vision.

Thank You Lord for this vision.

I feel this was/is a very sobering vision, one that made me understand clearly that judgment(s) are coming to our nation … judgment that will not be changed by prayer.
Our most important prayer should be for Wisdom and for our lost family and friends.

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