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Famine, Martial Law, Tsunamis, Russia and China Invading America – Pastor Masih

Russians Attacking America Prophecy

Pastor Masih

Pastor Masih from Pakistan brings a message confirming warnings from Dumitru Duduman, Henry Gruver, Michael Boldea and others. Due to Muslim threats he uses Mujahid El Masih, an alias, meaning Warrior for God” but Americans call him “Pastor Masih” (pronounced “Masscee.”)

He has a word for the United States that “The Babylonians are coming!” He saw the Russians and the a Asian army attack America by subs off the coasts of America. He also saw Martial Law, along with the coming tsunami. He made several dvd’s with the prophecy club, found here-


Information Taken from the Prophecy Club Summer 2016 Newsletter

A Summary Of What Pastor Masih Saw:

The Babylonians Are Coming
• Churches Are Full of Goats
• The Babylonians Are Coming
• Like Jeremiah 27:6-10
• U.S. Judgment Began When Obama Won the Election
• Obama Is Protected and Controlled by a Large Demon
• Obama Is Preparing Elite Military Wearing Masks to Find and Kill Christians
• If the Church Will Repent and Pray There Will be an Election.
• If Not, Martial Law Will be Declared and There Will be No Election.
• Obama Will Start a Civil War Declare Martial Law.
• Martial Law: Obama Stays in Office
• Constitution Suspended, Rights Gone
• Chaos Is Coming to America
• Checkpoints, FEMA Camps Filled
• Financial Collapse
• Famine Coming, Food Shortage Everywhere
• Trucks Filled with Wheat Like Joseph
• Buy a Gun, Food, Gold & Silver
• Move to Texas, the Safest Place
Martial Law
• Welfare Checks Will Stop
• Protestors Start Burning Cities.
• Civil Rights Are Gone! Remain Silent, Attorney, Innocent Until Proven Guilty, Charged or
Released in 48 Hrs.
• Local Militias Fire Back
• Gun Confiscation Ordered
• America Is Disarmed
• The Military Will Fill Our Streets Full of Blood.
• Tsunami Hit and Even the Tallest Buildings Were Under Water
• You Must Pray and Gather for the Coming Future
• Dumitru’s Internal Revolution Starts
• Nuclear Bombs Hit American Houses Blowing Up
• Russia Defeats America in Surprise Nuclear Attack
• Russians and Orientals Invade on Foot from Submarines
• American Bullets Won’t Fire
• Invaders Take Over America
• Sons and Daughters Captured, Tortured and Killed!
• American Homes Will be Burned
• Coastal Cities and Ships Burn
• Martyr
• Many Christian Martyrs
• There Is No Pre-Trib Rapture
• New World Order Forms
• For Those Fasting and Praying God Will Send Manna Down Once Again.
• Only Those Who Are Praying and Leading a Holy Life Will be Protected Even in the Midst of Persecution!
• We Have to be Fasting and Praying and Seeking God to Survive.
• God’s Air Force (Angels) Are on Your Side.
• Obama Wants to Kill Netanyahu but God Is Protecting Israel.
I fasted for 40 days: “Could you please hold off on the judgment for America?” If they repent it will be delayed, but if not, it will happen. God showed me that only 10% are Christians in America, and for their sake He is not bringing the judgment. But now the number has dropped, and they have become lukewarm and not repenting and changing. It is definitely going to happen!
The Lord showed me that Obama wants to hurt Benjamin Netanyahu. In the dream I told Benjamin Netanyahu that I will be praying for him that Obama will fail in his attacks against him, that he will succeed. The next morning I awoke praying loudly for Benjamin Netanyahu for him to win his election. He won the election. This is not a “Thus said the LORD” but I felt like Benjamin Netanyahu would be the last prime minister of Israel before Christ returns. So much evil is in the leadership of the U.S. and is responsible for the bloodshed of many people around the globe, such as bloodshed caused by ISIS. ISIS was created by the U.S. and God is going to judge for the bloodshed.
Pastor Masih’s prayer:
“Lord, please protect us from the fear of death, of uncertainty, of pain. Lord, if we die we want to die for you. But we do not want to deny you. Let the LORD Jesus be glorified by our death!” If you call Pastor Masih to speak God loves you.
Leaders only:

Here are some of the highlights from a full article from theProphecy Club Summer 2016 newsletter

Russian and China Invading America By Subs
In the next vision that God showed me, He told me, “I have called you to warn the American people just like the Prophet Jeremiah as he was warning the Israelites before they went into captivity of the Babylonians.” He told me to warn His people that the Babylonians are coming to take over in this country, so tell them to repent of their sins. Then I saw another vision of houses burning in America. There were rows upon rows of houses burning and burning. I enquired, “What is going on?” The LORD showed me this is what is going to happen.
In another vision I was in a plane looking down watching coastal cities, such as Seattle, on fire. There were submarines emerging up out of the oceans and soldiers marching out of them. There were Russian and Oriental soldiers invading the land. The only people who will survive in the U.S. are those living holy and prayerful lives.
American soldiers were trying to shoot them but their guns were not working and the Russian and Oriental soldiers took over America. I began to fast asking God that He would open a door for me to let the American people know about these dreams and visions. Also, to warn them about what is coming. I thank God that on March 2, 2016 Stan Johnson of The Prophecy Club called and asked me to tell my story and asked me to speak! Stan told me that he had been begging God to send him another Dumitru Duduman. We both got our prayers answered in one day! Praise God!
God Won’t Be Mocked
One man was going into the churches and breaking the crosses and dragging them in the streets shouting, “Jesus, if you are really God come then, come and save yourself ! The next week he died in front of everyone! He kept yelling, “The cross is hitting me! The cross is hitting me!” He was screaming like a man on fire. Two other Muslims who took part with him also died in front of the very church they tore down the cross! The Muslims began saying, “God is fighting for the Christians. God blesses them.”
Shortly thereafter fire broke out in Mecca, Saudi Arabia killing 70,000 Muslims. People started saying this needs to be investigated. Muslims came from South Africa to investigate and questioned, “Where did the fire come from?” The Muslims in Mecca exclaimed, “We saw fire coming down from heaven killing those Muslims!”God came to help us!
A Visit To Hell Where Pastor Masih Saw His Mother
I fasted for one hundred days in 2015. During this time the Lord also took me to hell three times. While in Hell I was shown many different kinds of people and many different things. One group of people who I saw were those who preach the false doctrine of ‘Once saved, always saved’; pastors who do not preach the full Gospel; prideful people; witch doctors; people who follow false gods and practice false religions, murderers, rapists; people who would not forgive; and many other people. I saw Lucifer with a large whip and even saw my own mother screaming and being tortured in hell. I cried out, “God, why did you allow me to see my own mother in hell?” God answered, “If I had only shown you others it would not motivate you to reach the lost.” I also saw the different types of tortures in Hell. Some examples were: a rope being placed around someone’s neck and then being dragged into Hell by black angels; demons cutting people with swords; and people in boiling lava continuously screaming. In Hell, pain is increased to the maximum.
Supernatural Protection
In 1997, the Christians of his hometown were accused by the Muslims of tearing the pages of the Quran and writing evil things about Mohammed. This news spread among the Muslims in the surrounding cities and towns. Those Muslims came and burned down 1,500 Christians homes and 13 church buildings. I prayed, “Lord I am willing to die if this is the day for me to die.” My legs were paralyzed from fear. My children were only four days old and 15 months old. We hid in the mustard plants praying, “Lord keep us safe.” After three days of hiding, we went back home only to find our homes and 13 church buildings totally destroyed. Even so, all the 20,000 Christians gathered to praise the LORD! I preached we should love our enemies. When we forgave the Muslims and started praying for them, God protected us and started fighting on our behalf ! For example: There was a giant train wreck. There were two Christian families on the train during the accident. Not one Christian was hurt and over 1,000 Muslims died. Only the Christians were spared. The people began saying the Christians are fighting against the Muslims. There were even people who came to me saying, “I want to return the things I have stolen from you.”

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