False Lures / Kill ‘em all! – Chris, Germany


False Lures / Kill ‘em all!

July 1, 2020 8:39 PM
Chris, Germany

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus,

Please let me share some dreams I had in the end of May 2020/ beginning of June 2020.

The topics are not relevant for counting like my previous dreams. The Lord told me so. But by answering my question if these “individual dreams” may be helpful for others He agreed for me to share.

Finally I’d like to repost an assessment of these previous dreams that unfortunately was not published by the system or the admin. I wrote this for commentary section related to Petras post. Maybe it wasn’t the right timing so the Lord skipped it. Actually it may give better insight.

So this share has three parts as follows.

Dream May 26th, 2020: False Lures

In this dream I was invited to a “Family Feast” in upper class style environment. In a big room important people came together celebrating “something”. It seemed to me they were all belonging to the same family – rich and influential circle!

All of them appeared very friendly to me even if I felt uncomfortable or strange because this kind of association I normally do not look for. I hate the way of falsehood, the “kindness” due to business reasons etc.

So these guys tried to be very befriending to me and I was placed between people of different ages who were all seeking communication with me. They tried to start business relations with me, trying hard to find out how we could cooperate, in which way I could bring in “my experience”, “my skills” but they were not really interested in me. They just wanted to lure me into their “family”. The most of the time it appeared to me like the Ro*kefellers/ Rot*schilds/ Vande*bilts etc. Families that are connected throughout the ages with all of these games a normal person doesn’t care fore.

I was maintained well the whole time, being provided best food which I was glad not to consume due to an announced speech of a family member. My neighbor (a younger family member and business man in his early 40s) was always trying to find out which of my professions could match to the jobs he offered in his business.

Suddenly we were called to a cinema like part of the house. The whole family wanted to do conversation with their ancestors to get relevant information from the afterworld! In the front of all an old man appeared like a hologram. Some speakers of the family had lots of questions and the old man offered answers to them how to optimize some issues or businesses. It seemed to me that they are all interconnected throughout the ages or spaces.

I was very close to that scene and could see very much of the faces, of the reactions and of the “show” provided. My neighbor allways was talking to me beside of that, sometimes giving explanation. But it felt strange to me – all in complete!!!

The family was very excited and asked for a wonder or a sign urging the old man to interrupt his explanations and satisfying that crazy family.

All of a sudden the ancestor in front of the family lifted his robe to both sides. And where his body should have been there was only a black hole with the head still talking. I was reminded of some horror movies. The “show” was so weird that I had difficulties not to laugh.

My neighbor was looking at me from my left side to find out how I feel during that “involvement”.

I focused my thoughts on Jesus Christ and said with a loud voice regarding him: “It’s more beautiful with You!”

Then I was surrounded by fog and the dream disappeared.

First I had no clarity about this end. But some seconds later I was glad to know that some words without “big talking” were sufficient to make my position clear. My decision was for the Lord. Not for shows, ancestor conversation, being served best meals or offered profitable jobs.

Just the sentence “it’s better with you Jesus”

Dream June 7th, 2020: Kill ‘em all!

In this dream I was transported to a jungle scene. A man guided me to the start and gave me the information that bears have been seen and they were killing people in this forest. They are very aggressive and my job is to find them and destroy them. There are only few other hunters in that forest. After that he disappeared.

I had a rifle and walked through the jungle. The wood was very thick, I was nearly unable to watch through it. At a tree I found a hunter. He had a kind of Rambo like appearance. Just pants and boots and a naked chest. He appeared to me as a man in his 60s. Some seconds I was reminded to P*tin as he wants to see himself -riding naked on a horse, just pants and boots. The images you just know from news agencies .…

Anyway: that hunter had a bear killed and filleted it under the tree. He explained what I had to look for or to care for to be successful.

I left him and went deeper into the jungle – seeing a bear between the trees. I took my rifle and shot him! After a while a saw a second and killed him. None of them I ever approached, I just left them and went to the next.

The more bears I killed the more cleared the scene in the jungle. Trees were disappearing, underwood was fewer and it was easier for me to find bears. Some other hunters joined me too and we were altogether working on the scene to kill bears – but everybody as a “lone wolf”. We were shouting at each other to find or kill bears, to show others where these beasts are. But we didn’t walk close to each other. There was much space between us – we were few!

Finally the jungle was so clean that it morphed into a parking deck! There were only concrete parking lots and concrete columns. With this clear and grey environment it was very easy to shoot bears! The hunters were shouting when bears could be found and as soon as a bear was visible behind a grey column he was killed immediately.

So after some time it was evident that no bear was left and each hunter strolled through the parking deck, but still aware of the situation.

I was wandering to the rear wall and found out that a door was on its side, invisible from the front side.

A cat went through this door and tried to approach me. I told it to stop immediately and not to do one single step. Suddenly a second one stepped through the door and right after that a head of a third one. The first cat started to smirk and lifted his right fore-paw to go towards my position.

Without aiming I pulled the trigger of my rifle and shot him right into the head! The two others disappeared immediately.

Then I left the parking deck on that side to find some former colleagues and friends sitting in a van. They were very happy – probably from boozing all the time! In real life I know none of them boozing ever. They had some carnival like caps, paper streamers and were totally unaware of the dangers that happened in before. They had a very good time! I urged them to leave the van and to take part in final cleaning and taking away the dead bodies. They were totally drunk but finally I could get some of them on their feet to stark working. After that the dream ended.

Even if the dream is clear to most of us I think I should explain some issues:

It’s obvious that there are only few hunters to find and destroy “the bears” (demons, sins etc. whatever you want to place here) in Jesus name! But the more you gain experience in this you’ll find out that the scene clears: bears are better visible, even your co-hunters! By working together we’re able to find them all – and eliminate them!

Why did I kill the cat?

The cat isn’t a bear – STILL! It approached from the back, through an invisible door. It tried to enter the cleared parking deck. Maybe just to grow up and attack you. If you don’t put a stop to that….

So find out where these “small sins/ demons” enter and stop them immediately! If they do not react or if they try to start a game with you – shoot them directly into their head! Maybe you don’t get a second chance!!!

If you have been fortunate and killed it the others will disappear.

The colleagues or friends in the van were of that sort (throughout the decades) that they were always thinking they are maintaining society. I remember the persons well and found out what they have in common. They were always claiming to be right, to be “the better one”.

But unfortunately they were drunk of that. They couldn’t see clear. And after our/ hunters work was done they were still drunk. They didn’t realize that the whole show was over – they only had to clean up the mess… it was hard to set them onto their feet to do that minimal job.

Nevertheless, if the hunters do their job – it is done! If we were informed how to handle it (and we were!) then it’s obvious to do it that way. We’re successful!

Part three: Explanation

Related to this post https://444prophecynews.com/paris-is-burning-chris-germany/ you’ll find a commentary section. I promised Petra to give further notice which unfortunately was not published in April 2020. Maybe it wasn’t the time therefore and the Spirit blocked it for later.

So I provide it here in a short cut version to not exhaust Jonathans website.

At this point I don’t only want to state “Glory to the Lord” for all this dreams and visions provided by his servants. I also want to say a special thanks to Jonathan for his special dedication and the support we’re daily glad to receive through this website!!! It can’t be valued enough what the existence means to all of us – throughout the whole world!

And here we go:

Dear Petra and all,

Here’s what I promised. I hope that the Lord gives you understanding.

But like always you should seek Him for conformation. The following information is the result He provided for me.

If you regard the second dream it’s pretty hard to find out that the word He gave me in the second week of January 2020 is absolutely enlightening few months after.

Step by step:

The white house is locked, all people inside behind blinds: Nobody in January could see that we’re talking about a complete lockdown not only for the white house. Just for everybody in the US and the entire world.

No BBQ, no beverages. Really! Nothing to be served just few months after that. Nowhere. The title of the text (chosen by Jonathan not by me) is amazing: The party is over! Restaurants, bars, day and nightlife closed. Rest.

So what happened next? The beginning of “my” counting/ pounding the earth.

I identified the snail/ church on its little patch that still devours the poor salad sleeves just to begin with the pounding. After my second or third pounding of the rim the snail is buried, never showing up on the surface again.

And it will be! The (old) church is done. It will never show up on the surface. The church buildings “on the surface of the Earth” are closed. I’m not a seer to announce that “believing the old way” is never returning.

As I wrote: “With my second or third pounding”. I was unsure if the third dream (“Paris burning”) is really counting in that scene. For myself I was more than counting it as a half. It didn’t match the USA related items and it’s not a “massive” or “weird” dream. But definitely it’s there and it’s that kind of dream that is related to God’ information.

So we are on that fixed issue of the story. What happens now? (End of April 2020!)

Actually neighbors showing up on the scene, in the safe backyard. Pow! Right! It’s just a few: Catherine, Petra, maybe some others. In Germany, in Switzerland, perhaps in some other European countries. As in my dream (not shared until now) a man is missing. “The neighborhood” was just a few women and a man.

What happens next? (Ongoing from end of April 2020)

As I felt in that night of the dream it may take some time to the fourth pounding. But that’s the issue of the Lord. I just felt it that way.

With my fourth pounding the window beneath the hill/ knoll is visible for the guys to see. I think: Just for the guys closer to the scene, because the windows is still small. With this it’s clear that the hill (the USA itself) is just holding from a few turf, a thin grass level – its interconnected citizens. No business or major issues. Just the people keeping daily things alive.

This is already showing the beginning collapse we’re witnessing quite after.

With my fifth pounding the knoll is nearly collapsing and this event happening within seconds (some hours or few days in real life). Reflecting this I think it takes some time for the fourth pounding and close afterwards following with the fifth one.

Then within seconds the USA collapses in its borders. Nobody outside “the fence” is affected. We (neighborhood, Catherine, You, my wife, the man etc.) are standing “with open mouth” just watching…

I’m the one walking in between. But be assured: I’m also “under extreme pressure”.

See the “dates”:

The beginning was announced for March, 6th 2020 with an end on approximately July, 3rd 2020.

I’m still not sure about this. And I think it IS NOT sure. But possible….

Around March, 6th I have no clue what happened in detail in the US. But: On February, 29th 2020 the first death of Corona virus was reported (in Washington State). And on March 13th, 2020 the President declared the “National Emergency”. Something related to that happened in between to define the date I was given.

Taking the actual fixed date “pounding the Earth the third time” (okay: 2,5 times) there is the devastation of the US left. There are still missing two of the dreams. And I have no options in that. It’s given by the Lord and I will obey.

What I see in this dream is a “movie script” to alarm the folks.

In my guts I feel that the scene in complete is the “near reality description” of the status of the USA you can get. Everything “lies peaceful”. They are not showing up. The golf court is void.

I’ll be there to receive the fourth and the fifth dream. And I’ll obey and provide them as soon as I got them.

I’m standing with the Lord that a minimum of His people can be still saved. We can hear Him cry…. it’s so terrible!

Blessings to all!

Chris, Germany


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