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Facial Recognition Mark of The Beast Technology to Identify & Track Our Every Move – Monique Bizet


9-29-2018 Prophetic Dream: Facial Recognition Mark of The Beast Technology to Identify & Track Our Every Move

August 9, 2020 10:32 PM
Monique Bizet

AI driven surveillance Technology

On September 29, 2018 The Lord gave me a prophetic dream about Facial Recognition that would be used as part of the Mark of The Beast Technology with Artificial Intelligence to Identify and track our every move.

Today we see this technology being used in countries to control the population and (find articles)

This is what the Lord showed me …

I was entering information in a computer and I used a software program to enter the data.

Then the scene changed to where government propaganda came on the screen advertising that a software platform that they were advertising; could take all your personal data and do several things with it for government use.

The advertising was using words to get people to accept the technology capable of biometrically and uniquely identifying each person with incredible speed. They presented it as if it was for the “good of the people”, but it was a very Orwellian identification system, devised to control the masses. A system that infringed on our privacy and freedoms by block-chaining or recording all of our personal records, our movements, where we went, what we accessed, where we traveled, worked, and watched all aspects of our lives in that system platform. The system platform was massive.

I thought they make it sound “convenient” selling it as a convenient measure but it was not. It was presented as a data collecting system which gathers all your online information that it records. This system had the ability to record, watch, scan, and biometrically track and know everything about any person using facial recognition with artificial intelligence.

I was very disturbed by the fact that it was watching everyone’s every move, and it was recording everything people did. I knew the information would be used to track and control people. The Beast system recorded everything done online, including purchases, listening to our conversations, recording our activity on social media, our travel moves, and every single aspect of our lives thru different technologies as stated such as facial recognition using artificial intelligence. It could almost instantly identify a person out of a crowd based on any algorithms programmed. It was very intrusive and an oppressive totalitarian system. The system had several “TABS” to record all different things about each person. I believe the Lord is using a play on words, meaning they can keep “tabs” on people and track us.

I did not want to use this system or have any part of it.

In another scene, the Lord shows me… a woman that is doing “templates of our face” in the system, which was like it was making a digital computer mask of everyone’s face. The system captured all of our facial details and could pick us out in seconds from one another using AI thru many different ways. Then time in the dream seemed to slow down as I focused on the thoughts of what they would use all the information that was being captured about each of us and how it would be turned against us. This system formed part of a social credit score system that was used to reward and punish population. Then I woke up.

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  1. Michelle

    YES. It’s ready here for the most part. This is why I am not renewing my driver’s license. Real ID requires photographs that are compatible with facial recognition systems. The phones now have it as a log in option. The banks are beginning to push biometric identification as well. There is no fighting it. Get as far out of this Beast system as you are able.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  2. De onde é Michelle?

  3. Michelle

    if you watch the TV show Black Mirror, that shows you exactly how the beast system will be like. Start with episode titled Nose Dive about social credit score, which already exists in China.

  4. Michelle

    Alex– USA –Texas.

  5. It’s here already, we are already been monitored.

    Google know the places you visit, our conversation on watsap and on our lines are monitored too..

    They already have most of our details.

    That is why Technology would be used greatly to achieve their agenda.

    I had a dream last year, that technology would be used greatly for this task, and a time would come when we would have to do away with our phones..so weather you have the chip, which can help them track you or the facial recognition or not, your phone alone, can be used to track you down..as long as it’s a smart phone.

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