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Extreme Food Rationing – Mike F.

Extreme Food Rationing

[3 Days & House of Hunan]

Feb 20, 2020
Mike F.

Last night (2/19/20) I had a troubling dream.

In the first part of the dream my wife and I were going to the grocery store to buy food. There were bars on the outside of the grocery store and they were only letting a select number of people in at a time. My wife was allowed to go in and purchase 3 tomatoes and nothing else, as apparently there was extreme food rationing and that was the allotment for our household.

In the next scene of the dream my wife and I were at home in our house and were out of drinking water. It was known to me in the dream that there was a location outside where I could find bottled water. I looked out, and observed that a soldier was watching over the area, and it seemed that people weren’t allowed to go outside (he was inside a house himself).

Also, I observed a very black and ominous cloud that extended from the ground upward. I made the decision to make a run for the bottled water, and as I ran outside the wind became hurricane force and the cloud started chasing me. Within the cloud were many angry voices directed at me and I was in a state of terror. I heard the words “3 days & House of Hunan” and then my wife woke me up as I was apparently thrashing around on the bed quite a bit.

The significance of “House of Hunan” seems to suggest a future Chinese occupation in the U.S. and with that very dark times are ahead for all of us (ominous black cloud chasing me) with extreme weather, food and water scarcity. I believe the 3 days represents 3 years, however I’m not sure whether this relates to a duration or a starting point. With all of the symbolism represented in the dream, I’m sure that there are more interpretations that I’ve missed, and would welcome anyone else’s observations and interpretations from my dream.

Mike F.


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