Evil Seed – Ruth Johnson


Evil Seed

October 22, 2021 5:59 PM
Ruth Johnson

I pray to Thee
Against the evil one,
The sinister, sniveling, subtle one,
The big black spider
who has spun his web
Through all aspects of our society.
he ensnares our children,
Steals our souls,
Entertains us with horror shows.
he poisons our air,
Makes bitter the water,
Sends us to war
So we can be slaughtered.
he laughs at us
Behind our backs
As he begins his latest attacks.
he plots and plans
To destroy the land
Then he blames it on us!
he gave us guns, tanks and trains,
Covers the ground with acid rains.
he deceives the few
To deceive the many,
Trains them for his masonic army
Where they pretend to be builders
But are demolition experts,
Blowing up buildings
Built for that purpose
When they are full of people
Leaping to their death,
he laughs under his vile breath.
he has no conscience,
he has a black hole
Where his heart is supposed to be.
he had a disguise,
A talking serpent
When he deceived Eve
While hanging from a tree
Which was not even his to touch,
But he did.
his rebellion is complete
Against his Creator,
he believed his own lies,
That he could be greater!
What a fool,
But a powerful one,
A smart one,
A determined one,
The kind of leader
Fools like to follow,
All fooled, all foul,
Wanting power for themselves
At all costs.
Well, they have already lost,
Jesus saw to that
From their cross.
So, my Lord, I pray to You
Against the ones who mock You.
May they soon travel
To a distant land
Of rock and sand and fire.
We are sick of the liar
Pretending to be You
When he is not fit
To touch Your shoe!
As You crush his head,
For he has bruised Your heel,
he deserves to be dead in his sins,
They are real.
They have materialized
All over the earth,
Which is now a toxic wasteland.
The beautiful Garden
Our Father gave birth
On earth, destroyed.
And yes, I hate him.
I bet he reeks of stench,
Of rot and putrid sludge,
Not worth healing,
Just buried underground
Burning for eternity.
Sulphur and brimstone
Would be a better smell
Than this monstrosity
Headed to hell.
Yes, my Lord, I pray against the hate
he has introduced
To the people You love.
And by the Power
Vested in Thee above,
That you grant me a little
Here on earth down below
To send to Thee
This prayer against him,
That serpent in Your Tree.
May his plans all fail,
his followers not prevail,
Be rendered unable
To follow through on anything.
May they begin infighting
Like the nephilim before them,
Slay each other with their swords,
As it says in Your Word,
Sooner, not later, my Lord.
I know I am bold
For not being really old,
You are the Ancient of Days,
It is why I send this to You,
For all that You do,
And I send it with
Endless praise!
But You tell us to ask
So we may receive,
So I am asking for the demise
Of the fiery dragon
And his wicked minions
Vomiting out their lies.
In Jesus’ Name I pray
For the evil seed to die.

From there I proceeded to another spot where I saw on the west a great and lofty mountain, a strong rock, and four delightful places. Internally, it was deep, capacious, and very smooth as if it had been rolled over. It was both deep and dark to behold.
Then Raphael, one of the Holy angels with me, answered and said: These are the delightful places where the spirits, the souls of the dead, will be collected, for them were they formed and here will be collected all the souls of the sons of men. These places in which they dwell shall they occupy until the day of judgment and until their appointed period. Their appointed period will be long, even until the great judgment. And I saw the spirits of the sons of men who were dead and their voices reached to heaven while they were accusing.
Then I inquired of Raphael, an angel who was with me, and said: Whose spirit is that, the voice of which reaches to heaven and accuses?
He answered, saying: This is the spirit of Abel who was slain by Cain his brother until his seed be destroyed from the face of the earth.
Until his seed perish from the seed of the human race.
1Enoch 22:1-8.

To Gabriel also the Lord said: Go to the biters, to the reprobate, to the children of fornication and destroy the children of fornication, the offspring of the watchers, from among men, bring forth and excite them one against another. Let them perish by mutual slaughter for length of days shall not be theirs.
1Enoch 10:13

So the Lord God said this to the serpent: Because you have done this, “Cursed are you above all the livestock and all the wild animals! You will crawl on your belly and you will eat dust all the days of your life. And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel.
Genesis 3:14, 15

Now Cain said to his brother Abel, “Let’s go out to the field.” And while they were in the field, Cain attacked his brother Abel and killed him.
Then the Lord said to Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”
“I don’t know,” he replied. “Am I my brother’s keeper?”
The Lord said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground. Now you are under a curse and driven from the ground, which opened its mouth to receive your brother’s blood from your hand. When you work the ground, it will no longer yield its crops for you. You will be a restless wanderer on the earth.”
Genesis 4:8-12

Also Revelation Chapter 20.



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