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Evil Manifested (Part 1)

May 15, 2024 7:54 PM

May 15, 2024

1 John 4:1-4(KJV)
1. Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.
2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:
3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.
4 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.

One word confirms the other, the same is given to more than two as proof of the truth, all show the meticulous perfection of the Lord. We have received the massages and heard the same message from the true messenger which proven the words, the Revelation and the Vison given by the Lord. One piece here anther there, when put together gives better understanding. For whosoever seeks proof, all the scripture is a proof and these days, we experience and seeing it in our own eyes.

Here are two short summaries of what is revealed to me/for us, through the last10 years.

Even if the specific elements are used by the enemy as a kamikaze weapons, this is not about any personality. Some new what they do, some are deceived and some have no idea that they are being used. Even if it is difficult, we are told not to hate them but pray for them.

The two elements used as weapons of the enemy were the light bearers of the Lord but taken over by the enemy. From light to darkness, from darkness to evil, doing the work of the enemy, sifting, depressing, sleep depriving, tormenting, in short doing all sorts of evil which the enemy is capable of doing. We might see one or two in action but they come as an assembly of the evil. They have their network, communicant and execute their plane well at certain time and situation. When people close their eyes, that is when they get busy. The last ten years have shown us many counts of the restless evil of the enemy.

In this summary of visions no specific dates are give. Many of these messages are posted here before and some untold new revelations are included. The point is “Are the shapeshifters real?” Yes, they are and this short summary is at rue testimony as revealed to us by our Lord who is constantly watching their every move and action. In order to know them better, one has to live their painful evil day in and day out for years.

That is what I personaly endured.
In the spirit, I have seen the same entity manifest in many shapes, shifting from one form/kind to another, all for an attacks. How is it possible, one entity shifting shapes to all of what is listed bellow? The Lord knows.
This messages is divided in to two parts, the first part is a typical example of the shapeshifters and the second is about the main forces of darkness, all as revealed by the Lord.

1. Shapeshifters-two entities.
2. The fallen (the Alien), the Giants, their Flying Objects and the AI. If we have time, we will deal with the second part in a separate message.

1. Shapeshifters-two entities.

Shapeshifter #1

1. The Pumpkin in the mouth of the beast.
Our Father dresses in white saw the beast(looks like a big dark Gorilla) with a pumpkin in his jaws, steering the sheep in the green field surrounded by wooded forest. The Lord instructed me to chase him out and I struck the left side of his head with a wood and chased him out and ran with the the pumpking in a firm grip of its jaw The pumpkin in the mouth of the beast is the element used by the enemy to steer the sheep.

2. The serpent.
I have seen many times, the same elements as venomous serpent. At a time blocking the road and once entangled itself on my legs and knocked me down on my face to the ground but I got up fast.

3. The Chameleon
This is the same element which appeared as a Chameleon hiding on the branches, leaving them dry. The Lord appeared and revealed the evil of the Chameleon drying the branches. Remember the parable of the vine and the branches.

4. The Gecko.
The same manifested as small yellow green gecko. I was able to identify its identity.

5. The Spider.
The spider hiding on the wall in front of me for its evil entanglement with its webs.

6. The Goat 1,2
The same entity manifested as a wild goat and a domestic animal. Remember the parable of Goats and Sheep.

7. The Hyaena
Shapeshifter-#1 and #2 are standing in the driping rain. They are out wet and cold. I see their mouthes opened vertically at 180 degrees, ready to wallow anything in front of them.

8. The dark Demon.
-The same evil entity manifested itself as a dark human shaped evil demon many time. The last vision was a dark demon, dark as tar.

9. The Alien
Six, seven of them lined up approaching towards me, walking like typical zombies, slow and retarded. They were coming for an attack. They look like those oblong eyes manikins lookin aliens. One of them is the same evil element.

10. The doubles-Two in one
In the spirit, I saw the same entity, two times inside two other elements in two different times. The evil entity has entered the other.

Two entities in one body.
In the air, I have seen a big dark demon behind this entity. In another vision, an AI smacking this entity against the wall and the fences(see a small depiction at the end)

Shapeshifter #2

1. The Crocodile
This entity doesn’t only manifest itself as a Crocodile but lead to their dungeons. One way or the other, I followed this entity thinking it is a human being. The same entered in to a shanti hut which has a very low and narrow entrance. while I am watching, countless number of Crocodiles came out from behind of the small hut, their dungeon and chased us away to the mountains, very terrifying.

2. The Hyaena
Shapeshifter-#1 and #2 are standing in the drippings rain(stated above), they are wet and cold. I see their mouths opened vertically at 180 degrees.

3. The Goblin
This is a very tricky and crafty monkey. I am walking on a long road. This very evil goblin is siting on the meddle of the street. I see its back. When I reach closer, this evil entity swiftly grabbed and carried me by force downhill to the woods.

4. The dark Spikey Caterpillar in a shell.
The same entity is manifested as a dark, spiky caterpillar in its shell. When the caterpillar sheds its sharp spikes on the skin like Porcupine spikes, the skin gets very irritating. The nature of the evil spirit is irritant.

5. The Komodo dragon.
The same entity manifested like a Komodo dragon came from my back and twisted its Gecko like tail over my right hand. This is a plot trying to stop the work I am doing.

6. The Tall demon/
This is another manifestation of the same entity as a demon as tall as a two story building.

7. The pierced/crucified frog.
I see the same entity sitting on the edge of the wall as a crucifies frog. It is frog but it is sitting as human on the wall, its two legs hanging down with two visible scars of crucifixion meaning deception.

8. The real Zombie
The morning was chaotic, that is what my mornings are-common. I couldn’t sleep, I am tormented. In the spirit, I see myself walk outside to see what it is. The same SS#2 is in the parkiong lot behind my old car walking like a typicl zombie in the movies. This zambie is draging its left leg against the ground and its right leg is limping. What? Yes, typicam zambie depict in their movies. They know something.

This is much te tell but to score the point these two summaries will do it. What are they? The are to the most part “The Reptilians” and sometimes “Carnivores” and “Arachnida”.

The electric grid like machine(AI) smacking the shapeshifter #1 against the wall and the fence.

Repent, Repent, Repent!

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