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EVENTS TO COME – Rosa Alverio



December 26, 2021 2:26 PM
Rosa Alverio

December 26,2021

This morning during my quiet time with the Lord, I felt in my spirit he was going to give me a word. I grabbed my pad, and this is what he said:

Every volcano in the world will errupt. Earthquakes will be more frequent and stronger.

Cracks in the earth will show up. Some places the cracks will open up and swallow what ever is around, including people.

The weather will be unpredictable. Some places will be like summer, then in a fraction of a minute turn to cold and snow.

Lightning will be so strong, it will deafen the people and frighten them. Lightning will hit the ground and strike buildings and people.

Second Timothy 3:2, peoples love will grow cold they will be lovers of themselves. Crime will increase. People will be afraid of coming out of their homes.

A lockdown is coming!

The stock market will crash. No more entitlements. Riots will begin, there will be no work, banks will be closed.

Martial law will be implemented!

The son of perdition will come into the forefront 2 Thessalonians 2: 1-4.

People will want him to take power. At the beginning, he will come as the savior of America.

Then if he takes more power, he will come as the savior of the world.

The son of perdition will introduce the Aliens to the people, these are demons
and fallen angels.

Many will fall for this including some Christians.

All this will begin in 2022 gradually until it is full blown.

The mark of the beast is here. Some will take it as a novelty. But when it is fully implemented, and no one can buy or sell, millions will take it, Including Christians because of fear.

My remnant know I will provide for them and protect them. They know what is about to happen they are feeling it in their spirit.

My children I love you. I am with you till the end of time.

My martyrs take courage, for you will be rewarded in heaven.

Yeshua your Lord and Savior

Rosa Alverio


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