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Episode #9 of ‘Steel Sharpens Steel’ – Robert A Avila

Photo by Robert A Avila
water color I made of the attack that hit Japan. It’s somewhat representative. I no longer recall exactly where it launched or precisely where it impacted.

Episode #9 of ‘Steel Sharpens Steel’

December 13, 2022
Robert A Avila

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The Sign to Leave America—When Japan Folds to China

I prayed, “Father in Heaven, how will I know when I should leave America?” This is the answer Holy Spirit gave:

Two-part Dream (~June 16, 2008)

a. A young reporter goes to China border. There is a station for reporters at border. She works there. Crossing is forbidden, but somehow, information is coming through.

b. There is a war, civil war, or cross-border conflict with Korea… something is happening, it is war inside China.

c. The young lady reporter from the border publishes an article which gets noticeable attention. A newspaper appears. Beneath a photo are five little insets of photos, quotes, or photos and names… something like that. Each of these insets identifies another reporter. One of these listed journalists is an older male journalist named something like Gaffe. I see there are two f’s in his name, two f’s together, like ff. His name ends in two consonants.

d. This Gaffe had mentored the young lady and so now phones her. He is professional and expresses disappointment and lectures her about courtesy and the expectations of professional relationship. This young lady responds brusquely, shows no courtesy. She’s angry.

e. Somewhere in this series of dreams, George W Bush appears (= symbol for an American president, past or present). He slaps his right hand to his left shoulder. An ambulance races, lights flashing. Then he is in the hospital. He survives the shooting, or at least does not die immediately. (Note: I believe “Bush” simply represented the American president, who could be anyone. But could be literal GW Bush.)

f. China comes against Japan. I see a flurry of activity on the western shore of Japan. Japan is shaped like a banana, with the convex side toward China. On this hump, in the central part of this Japanese shore, I see a white light become bright quickly. I don’t know if this is a landing, a missile attack, diplomatic activity, or what. I just see the light. Then I see the mind of Japan look at what is happening and it quits.

g. A voice says, “This is your warning, when Japan folds to China.”

Fulfillment of first part of dream: (March 17, 2009)

a.) The camp was the Chinese village of Maipai. The young woman is Euna Lee and/or her colleague Laura Ling (sister of Lisa Ling). It is illegal to cross the closed border of North Korea-China. The thing that “gets through” is information and drugs.

b.) There was no war (none was shown, I believed the reporters were there to report on a war and were at the line of conflict of some war. I later learned to not add or subtract details or my own thoughts, or to at least qualify my comments as thoughts, not part of the vision.) The thing happening inside China was the abuse of North Korean women who escaped into China—only to be abused as sex workers.

c.) The thing published is most likely a book. Both Lee and Ling published books about their ordeals. They’ve given many interviews and articles as well. “Koss” is the mentor and has two consonants at the end of his name, as seen in the dream.

d.) Koss was likely angered by this. Both women say they believe they were “lured into a trap” and even in a 2022 interview, Euna Lee mentioned that she struggled with the Korean border guards and screamed for help “from the China side” (which clearly means Mitch Koss and Kim Seong-cheol) but no help came. If Koss ever called and lectured one of the two journalist women, I did not find it mentioned online. “Gaffe” means a statement which causes embarrassment.

e.) This is future tense. Maybe this precedes the second half. The way it appeared in the dream set was like a second layer of vision, overlayed across the top of the other parts… So it is unclear to me how this relates to other events in time.


f & g) Rocket leaves Korean Peninsula and hits Japan. China is behind it. These are the final warning of the dream set: “When Japan FOLDS to China, this is the sign to leave America.”

(August 3, 2009): Bill Clinton flies to Pyongyang and meets Kim Jong-il. Bill visits two days and leaves with the two journalists on August 5th. I’ve always wondered, were any secret deals made? There is a reason our Heavenly Father used this particular event to verify the truth of the two-part vision.


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