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Dec 4, 2019 6:58 PM

In an earlier post here, titled ‘A Timely Message‘, I shared how I had first come across the name EPHRAIM (the Lord speaks to me mostly in names and numbers). I had watched You Tuber Tim Foster’s video ‘The Fortress of Ephraim Will Disappear’ in which he surmised that EPHRAIM in scripture was possibly referring to the carrier warship the USS Abraham Lincoln. In that post I explained…
‘Based on his research on the Bible and the prophetic, Tim Foster believes the city of Damascus in Isaiah 17:1 points to America and the fortress of Ephraim in Isaiah 17:3 points to the USS Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.’

When I went on 444 Prophecy News) this morning and saw Holy Spirit Wind’s post (Jeff Byerly) 12.4.19 ‘USS Abraham Lincoln, the Strait of Hormuz and some WW3 news GET READY!‘ I was a little shaken in my spirit. A couple of weeks ago, on 11.20.19 I saw EPHRAIM again, in fact twice this time around. I wondered if there would be any news forthcoming.
After reading Jeff Byerly’s transcript, I reread my post on  ‘A Timely Message’ and wept in the spirit when I got to this part…

‘I felt tears rise up and in my Spirit and knew that something was coming and it had to do with the USS Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan.’

I was even impressed to share with my boss yesterday that the destruction of the USS Abraham Lincoln was going to precede the ‘fiery kickoff event’.

As I thought about all of this, I felt led to turn to my bible for reference. I opened it and it flipped to Isaiah 17:2 and my eyes went to Isaiah 17:3. It is here where Tim Foster made reference to the USS Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. And as I read that verse I wept in my spirit again…

Isaiah 17:3 …”The fortress also will cease from Ephraim, The kingdom from Damascus, And the remnant of Syria; They will be as the glory of the children of Israel,” Says the LORD of hosts.


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  1. J.B

    Good day brothers and sisters, the Lord give me the understanding of the tribes and allow me to share this information with u:

    We all know that all begin with Abraham but to fully understand the nation of Israel we have to go to Jacob, so Jacob was the father of the twelve tribes this tribes for the sin they commithed they was scattered
    across the world So the Lord give a full understand when people say Israel always think in jews but that its a mistake the jews are just one of this tribes.

    So Israel doesn’t exist at all in this times we have the tribes today, but there are across the world, we have Ephraim that its USA , so there is 10 tribes in USA not just one, u have to remember when Israel split from Juda.

    This full the understanding of this message because USA theres a lot of different people.

    Each tribe have and specific role in the Nation of our Lord. I could give u more information but our Lord don’t allow me to share all information that he give to me.


  2. Kenneth Heck

    It seems to me that Joseph spiritually represents the English-speaking nations arising out of the UK over the centuries. Manasseh would be England, as the first-born of Joseph, and Ephraim primarily the USA, but also including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to a lesser degree. Ephraim as a “multitude of nations” (Gen 48:19) refers most perfectly to the 50 states in the USA. The British Commonwealth of Nations has included many nations of non-Christian origins, so wouldn’t be considered as arising out of Ephraim.

    The words “The Fortress of Ephraim Will Disappear” refers to the future when the US military will fail in protecting America from invasion by several countries. This also applies to Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Fortresses are intended to defend against military aggression within the homeland, not against far-flung military endeavors.

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