America, Famine, War

Enemy of the State! – Benjamin Faircloth

Enemy of the State!

Pastor Benjamin Faircloth

“America prepare to burn from within! Your heart is corrupt and your soul is afflicted by the lust therein! You have sown into the wind; therefore, the whirlwind is upon you! You ask where has these storms come from, why did they intensify daily? For the reason of your sins do they multiply, for the reason of your lust do they intensify, but none take it to heart! Wars are coming, but how shall you fight them without Me? Famine is coming, but how shall you be fed without Me? The spoilers are here but you cannot see them, the devourers are among them, but you cannot know them because they are like you! Your spots have blended with theirs and the 2 have become 1! America, your persecution of My Bride is at hand, your destiny has arrived. The purpose of your final days is before you, but My Church will survive! My Church will increase no matter your heavy hand of opposition and fear. For My Seed is incorruptible and My Word cannot be destroyed! The time is NOW upon you to know Me and My Ways, for soon gross darkens will cover the land as the darkness covers the night!”

Scripture reference for this message is (Jeremiah 12)


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