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Enemies Will Surround & Invade – Barbara Francis

Barbara Francis

Monday May 27, 2019

This is not a Good Morning message Get ready! I am the God of Vengeance The Lord of Hosts is my name I will recompense both nation and individual For what they have done to others. To the poor to the widow , to the unborn ,to the children.the elderly to those in prison. I AM Justice. I will repay .No one can hide their deeds and thoughts from me . I Am All knowing. O Babylon your enemies will surround you and invade your borders .You left your gates open. You now reside with your enemies. Their weapons are inside your nation hidden in plain sight. Your women and children will be taken into captivity. Murdered and sold for one dollar. Your nation has refused my name and removed it and my laws . I see now what you do to your neighbor it is not LOVE it is control . I see what your rich men do with their Money. I Have seen enough ABOMINATIONS .I will use all of my power and might to make it known I AM THE LORD .THERE IS NO OTHER LIKE ME . The Day of the Lord is at hand a day that BURNS LIKE AN OVEN . Vengeance is mine ! He who has an ear listen to what the Spirit says to the earth .


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