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End of The Presidency

June 2, 2020 12:14 AM

vision given 2013

I had just woken up from a nap, and while still lying in bed I received a vision, my first and only, taking over my vision  completely. I was suddenly up in the air, looking down at a beautiful green grassy area, the focus was on a large stone/concrete mausoleum that stood alone. I knew I was in a cemetery of importance. It had big tall pillar columns on each side of the front porch. My view was from an angle,  looking down with the left side of the mausoleum in full view.

As I was staring, all the sudden I began to see something  moving along the right side of the building and when it  reached the first column on the far-right side, I noticed it was a black shiny vehicle. As in continued to roll slowly in  view, I saw the seal of the presidency on the hood of the vehicle. Staring in amazement, it continued to roll out the right side, in full view, and that is when I realized it was a hearse, a big black long shiny hearse limo, like the presidential car, with the seal of the presidency. Most would think it is showing the death of a president but, in my Spirit I knew it meant the death of the presidency.

As you can imagine, I was in shock, I had never had a vision but, I have had many dreams from God. I shared this with only three people that are close to me. I’ve never known what to do with the things He has shown me but, as I’m seeing the thing’s He has shown me coming to pass, I’ve had a sense of urgency to get this out. I also have been burdened lately in a big way for not sharing the things He has given me but, I just do not have a platform to share. As always, take this before Him in prayer and may The Holy Spirit who gives wisdom give you confirmation.


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