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ENCOURAGEMENT for many! – Victoria Ang

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April 17, 2024 10:30 AM
Victoria Ang

I wasn’t going to share this on your site. BUT the Lord told me to do so this morning while in prayer ! Many need GODS ENCOURAGEMENT to finish the race. Things are so dark.
There has been so much discouragement for many! Thank you!


For the past several weeks I have been getting very little sleep. Either from being woken several times a night to pray. Or from attacks from the enemy.( Ear ache, toothache, etc etc).

And many attacks all day!( Just the enemies nonsense). While praying in the Spirit.
So I had decided to lay down yesterday for a brief rest.And just take my feelings of exhaustion to the Lord God.

I wanted to share the encouragement that I experience.

Almost immediately after I laid on the bed. I was caught up in the Spirit and taken to heaven. I found myself at a babbling brook , where I had visited many times before. The brook ( symbolizes living water of the Holy Spirit)has small areas of waterfalls( symbolizes pouring out of the Holy Spirit) with beautiful stones. Where this crystal clear ,bluish green colored water flows.
There was a tree by the brook that I leaned against.( symbolizes Gods strength).( and well grounded in the Lord)I put my feet in the water to cool off. The water was so cool on my tired feet. I just swirled my feet in the water. And let the water circulate all around the bottom of my legs.

After awhile I started to feel more refreshed.I put my face near the water. And started to splash the water all over my face. The water felt AMAZING ! SO REFRESHING !

I continued to splash the water all over myself!

Feeling very relaxed and refreshed I continued to lean against the tree and admire the beauty of the brook and water. Listening to the calming effect of the water rushing over the stones.

After staying for awhile near the brook I felt my strength was returning , feeling rejuvenated and refreshed!!

The next thing I found myself standing in my wedding gown. Ready to walk down the aisle.The wedding gown was made of intricate details of PURE WHITE lace. The gown was very full like QUEENS of olden times wore.It was absolutely gorgeous! Such detail on the lace!

My veil was already on my head. Made out of fine white lace as well. Perfectly matching my wedding gown.But on the veil it had a TEARDROP shaped RUBY. Which fell right in the middle area of my forehead. ( My birthstone is a ruby). The ruby sparkled and glistened in the light! ( symbolizes the blood, tears and sweat shed by Jesus on the cross).( covering completely,mind, body, soul)

In my hands was a beautiful bouquet of 12 RED ROSES!( symbolizes Gods ruling and plan).and ( Gods love)

I walked down the aisle where Jesus stood waiting ,for the marriage to commence .As I came to were He was standing we faced each other. And put our hands together! As we did this . PURE WHITE SNOW started to fall on us! ( symbolizes purity)!

Next I found myself in the celebration room. What a sight to behold. Everything was decorated to perfection. Every last detail was implemented to complete perfection.There were many tables decorated. Each table had a vase with WHITE LILIES AND RED ROSES. GREEN vines were intermingled in the flowers.The tables had white tablecloths! Golden goblets and fine China.Crystal glasses finely set at each place setting.The GOLD and Silver decor glistened and sparkled with brilliance! The room smelled of fresh roses! My eyes could hardly take in every detail in the room! What a STUNNING, GORGEOUS sight to behold!

I lingered briefly in the celebration room. And returned back to my bed! ❤️🥰😘💕
Feeling the joy and excitement of the upcoming marriage and celebration !

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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