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Encounter with Jesus – Mike Stephani

Encounter with Jesus

Jesus Audibly Spoke to me about His Coming again

May 14. 2020 7:41 PM
Mike Stephani


My name is Mike Stephani. On February 4th, 1998, The Lord came to me and here is my testimony of that encounter. At the time, I wrote it down and gave it to 5 people. One of those persons left the first comment on YouTube attesting to the timeframe and message. I neglected to do more than just tell those close to me until recently. Twice over the course of 2 weeks, while in prayer, I kept hearing “Ezekiel 33”. I was motivated that NOW IS THE TIME of this message. please prayerfully consider it.

Here is the link to my 5 minute message:

Kindest Regards,
Mike Stephani

Auto Generated Transcript

hello my name is Mike the mid-1990s I
began seeking after Christ in 1998
February Ford he came to me I was
sleeping in my office on the floor and I
heard an incredible roar the sound of a
cross between Niagara Falls and jet
engines and it was Connecticut literally
shook I could feel it literally shaking
the inside of my head when the when that
roaring sound stopped I opened my eyes
and Jesus was right next to me
three four feet away I don’t know how
long this lasted I was wide awake I saw
him with the eyes in my head flesh and
shortly there he didn’t say a word
shortly thereafter he left and somebody
else was in the room and I knew that at
that point that I was outside of my body
because I looked down and saw myself
there and the other guy that was in the
room I felt very dangerous around I
assumed that he was the devil or or
something like that then it was over
I went back to sleep two days later same
situation same place the roar came back
and I knew that it was Jesus this time I
again I woke up and I was laying there
and mobile and he grabbed my chin and
pulled my mouth open and spoke you to my
mouth and that’s what I’m going to tell
you what he said
I’ve waited 22 years to say this but
recently he is he has told me to read
scripture probably three times and it
was all about a watchman who did not
report what he saw coming and the
repercussions for that so it kind of
motivated me to put this testimony up
finally so what he said to me audibly in
this dimension not out of body not
anything but an audible voice I can he
talking to you now
what’s the following he said that while
this roar was going on all around me he
said there will be wars and rumors of
wars nation will rise against nation
droughts and flooding in various places
now why he was saying this he I was
having seeing like a video in my mind’s
eye of what was of all this stuff
happening he went on to say they’ll be
pestilences plagues that will cover the
earth hurricanes and storms out of
season that disrupt the food supply
horizon volcanoes a volcanic action and
earthquakes and I was seeing this again
now this is where it really got
interesting because the next part when
it came to the social unrest I was
seeing as he was saying this masses of
people uprising in the streets and and
just mass protests all over the place
then he went on to say finally social
unrest on massive scale worldwide Europe
America Middle East Russia Turkey and
Southeast Asia specifically China he
said to cope with this unrest China will
attack to the south setting into motion
a sequence of events that will lead to
his coming finally this morning before I
prepared to do this in prayer the Holy
Spirit said the following pregnant and
at the moment of birth
that’s what happened to me in February
1998 when Jesus Christ himself came to
me in my body of flesh he had a body
wasn’t an ephemeral light and since that
time I have had night visions of many
many things that support this testimony
and the things I’ve seen if he releases
me to say him I will make additional
videos and if he does not then this is
what you get this is it pray about it
but please tell others to watch this
video thank you


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