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East Coast USA TSUNAMI JUDGMENT & MOVING DAY!!! – Midnight Hour Oil


Oct 3, 2019
Midnight Hour Oil

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hi everyone i’m melissa with midnight
hour oil i wanted to come out and share
actually several things with you the
last video i uploaded a few days ago
about something the lord was doing to
show me florida to bring that to my
attention please excuse the cough drop
i don’t know how long this is gonna take
me to to share so hopefully I won’t have
to cough but i wanted to talk to you
about some of the feedback I got from
that video and and some other things
that I I believe the Lord has been
showing people so there is a channel
somebody sent me a wonderful subscriber
sent me a link to crystal clays video
now crystal I’ve listened to her before
years ago a very sweet precious girl has
such a love for the Lord I love
listening to her but she has been given
to dreams and this was just mid
September of 2019 so this was just you
know two weeks or so ago and the one
dream that somebody had sent me a video
to was I think it was September 15th and
she dreamed about a tsunami that hit
Florida she said she wasn’t sure what
caused it but she saw this big way of
coming I’m gonna provide links to the
videos that I’m referencing so just look
for them in the description box but then
she had had a dream a few days before I
watched another video and in that video
she shared about a dream where she was
taken in outer space saw this enormous
meteor coming toward Earth being hurled
toward the earth okay I’m gonna go over
scriptures too this is all biblical and
and so then
somebody sent me a video this morning by
Zab Pascal I had listened to this before
but I had forgotten some of it back in
2015 and December’s that was shown in a
dream about an explosion and then the
rapture would take place and I’ll again
provide a link to that video and then my
dream I had honestly I searched and
searched for this dream I guess I didn’t
record it this was years ago where I was
shown in a dream that there was like a
volcano in Spain all right and and it
was gonna cause something and like it
must have been going to cause a tsunami
or something and I went out looking on
line to see if anybody else had been
shown something similar I like to see
you know I like a confirmation if the
Lord shows me something in a dream and I
was and well first of all I didn’t even
know there were volcanoes in Spain and
so I was doing a search on that and
found the Canary Islands actually have
volcanoes and then I found a channel and
this man’s daughter he she was like
eight years old at the time and I’m
thinking this had to be like eight years
ago she was shown in a dream and she had
this it was very detailed there was like
a 300-foot tsunami that hit the East
Coast and it was on Thanksgiving and I
send this dreamed only because somebody
else had shared that someone was shown
it was going to happen around
Thanksgiving and I thought you know I
just like have these pieces of
information from things I’ve learned
over the years or heard over the years I
don’t know when these things are gonna
happen but again a heads up if
somebody’s being shown that it could
happen on that date we just need to be
watching but this is interesting because
if you go to Revelation 8 you know and
the funny thing is I always thought of
it just hit me as I was reading it like
five minutes ago getting ready to do
this video that there are two separate
things that actually go into the ocean
there’s there is it says a large
and it says then you know the more
annoyed this this meteor hits so we have
two things that hit this ocean and you
know I only mentioned that because of
the dream I was given where I you know
the Lord showing me something regarding
a volcano in Spain and if you if you
look on the map the Canary Islands are
directly across from the art east coast
and if one of those would for some
reason like a volcano would go off or up
there and and slide into the ocean it
could very easily cause a huge tsunami
tick to come to the east coast but just
real quickly I’m going to read to you
Revelation chapter 8 it’s verses 8
through I think 11 and it says this and
the second angel sounded and it and as
it were a great mountain burning with
fire I mean this sounds just like a
volcano was cast into the sea and the
third part of the sea became blood and
the third part of the creatures which
were in the sea and had life died and
the third part of the ships were
destroyed and the third angel sounded so
this is a separate event and there fell
a great star from heaven burning as it
were a lamp and it fell upon the third
part of the rivers and upon the
Fountains of waters and the name of the
star is called wormwood and the third
part of the waters became wormwood and
many died in the waters died of the
waters because they were made bitter so
these things that were being shown may
be getting ready to unfold I don’t know
I don’t know the timing I just know I
just feel the Lord is showing us all
these things that that are biblical and
we’re beginning to see them as I believe
a warning to be prepared to get ready
one person had commented on that last
video I did that she had been waking up
and hearing in her spirit it’s coming
she lives in Florida it’s coming okay
coming so – we just need to be prepared
and then I wanted to just share a dream
that I was given last night and I
entitled it moving daydream and I
thought this might encourage you because
I think this may very well speak to our
moving day so I dreamed that I was going
into this apartment I was it was like an
apartment building and a bunch of people
and and myself were getting ready to
move into apartments and I knew this
would be temporary and I was told I was
going to apartment number nine now
that’s very significant because the
number nine means both judgment okay as
well as finality and divine completeness
from the father it’s a complete cycle of
growth okay so here’s what I’m going
you know this this apartment which means
completeness and judgment right and we
know that the moment the church is taken
out judgment is going to be released and
then it was like somebody was carrying a
kennel and I any I heard his dog barking
and I was carrying a large kennel to up
these stairs and I thought that may
indicate you know pets going with us and
I just for the first time saw a video
that watched woman had put out back in
July I must have missed it where she was
shown that pets as a reward for those
taken in the rapture their pets were
would go with them and so I think that
may indicate the same and so I get into
the apartment but I all I need the key
all right so it’s it was open but I
still needed to go get the key so if
somebody told me bill had the keys so I
know the name William I looked this up
resolute protector alright protector
protection okay so the key I’m going to
get the key to you know the protection
all right from William now the the
definition of key I thought this was
interesting to which I found in the
profits dictionary it says possessing
the key to anything equated to the
guardianship of entryways and
alternative progression from one stage
or level to the next progression from
one stage or level to the next so just
makes me think of you know that
transformation that’ll take place when
we receive our new bodies at the time of
the rapture okay so then you know I went
outside and I’m calling bill bill and
somebody you know some people come up to
me real quickly and then they lead me to
the table where bills at and you know
where I’m able to get the keys and I
also knew I needed to go across the
street to get some food I knew it would
be I knew it would be a short stay but I
was telling them the one man I was
walking with about you know he was
saying something about bread and I was
telling him about the bread that I eat
and I felt that had significance you
know as far as our spiritual sustenance
but anyway
I just wanted to share these dreams with
you and the things that you know these
other people have been shown because I
do feel like the Lord you know he
confirms a matter with you know two or
three witnesses and when the Lord is
showing so many of us these things that
are coming and you just you can’t ignore
them and we don’t know how long we’re
going to be here
you know before we’re taken out how much
we’re going to see how many judgments
but it’s just important for us to be
prepared not to be fearful be praying
you know just be as prepared as we can
you know emotionally physically and
spiritually so I hope this message
blesses you and encourages you Church
and as always it is my prayer that we
will all continue to keep our lamps
burning bright while we wait for Jesus I
love you all god bless you


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