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East Coast Tsunami – Peter Sansone

East Coast Tsunami

Sep 11, 2019, 2:48 PM
Peter Sansone


I live in New England along the Atlantic ocean. My town is basically surrounded with a Bay and also the Ocean. I am living on the East Coast as much as one could. I had a dream a couple years ago and due to the sharpness of the details of the dream and several other factors, I know this was a dream from the Lord. Anyways here is the dream and then the explanation:

In the dream I found myself swimming in water. I then decided to dive down because I was not sure where I was and in a way, I was looking for some indication of where I was. So I began to dive down and I then was swimming downward through the water and finally after about a half mile, I found myself looking at the town I live in. It was completely under water. It was not just flooded, but basically, it was at the bottom of the ocean. It seemed to me after the dream, that my town was about a half mile under the ocean. That is my estimate.

I woke up and the really strange thing is, I then realized I have been having this dream since I was born. I had not had it in a long time, but when I woke up, I realized that, yes, I had this dream often while growing up. I have some other gift type of things in this area, but that is another subject. I am certain that there will be an East Coast tsunami. I do not know what caused this tsunami but it was complete, total,. and devastating. It is a matter of time. I am not sure if it will be caused by an asteroid, a nuclear weapon, or a natural disaster such as an Earthquake. I don’t know so I won’t speculate. The time is now to prepare for these things that are coming upon the Earth. God has a plan for His people and He will never abandon them or forsake them. But we also need to be walking with Him daily so that when these things occur, we do not have to play catch up. We need to prepare now. If you are in sin or not walking with the Lord, repent and make things right with Him. I do believe that God will protect His people, but I also am sure that if one is not right with Him, God will use these things to discipline is. Don’t make Him go there. Repent now. God’s grace to you all. -Peter

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