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East Coast Earthquake – 2Timothy236

East Coast Earthquake

May 25, 2020 11:41 PM

Wanted to share a dream I had on May 20, 2020 via 2Timothy236.

I was on the North Eastern sea board, possbily New York State, possibly further north. I wasn’t sure exactly, but it was but I was close to a port city. I was talking to a woman about how I couldn’t buy any realestate in the area because there was going to be a massive 9.9 earthquake close to their area as she seemed frightened by the news of this. I had seen from the map radius of a big red circle around the damanged area as their was significant.

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  1. Trip The Light Fantastic

    Don’t leave out Yellowstone. That puppy is getting to blow her cork any day now.

  2. KarenO

    When it does, it will be a liquefaction quake. (similar to sinkhole behavior but on a major scale)
    zoom in on this site, & you will see features of a delta in the NY/NJ area. Manhattan is a landfill.
    There are sinkholes in New Jersey.


    There is a historical record of a liquefaction quake in 1727 – Newbury, Massachussets.

  3. chockylover

    Trip The light Fantastic. I saw an interesting YouTube video of a teenager who was recounting a dream he had. When he was 12 he had a dream that the sky was grey and he saw Asian looking men parachuting down from planes in combat gear. Suddenly he and others started to float upward as Yellowstone erupted. He reckons that the Rapture and the Yellowstone eruption will coincide each other.

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