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A Great Earthquake – Warrior Princess

A Great Earthquake

Warrior Princess

My love, listen closely to these words. Each word is specific and do not shrink back from what I am giving you now.  A great earthquake is upon you. It will strike suddenly and without warning and will hit CA first and then New York City. There will be massive chaos as this happens. Note that NYC is in the East of the US. Once this happens the cosmic event will not be far off.

Surely I will rescue My children. There will be many casualties, but those who are Mine will come home right before this hits them. The angels will literally pull them up as the Earth splits. Those that are needed in certain areas will be transported there.

This is extremely serious. Anoint your home and selves, pray for covering, pray for your neighbor and pray for all those that will be in the impact zone. I am telling you beforehand so you know I am in control and will not fear that these children are forgotten by Me. They are not and will be divinely rescued! I don’t usually send these types of message through you but it is a warning that must go out. The First Call is not far off.  (I see a picture of snowflakes falling on my eyelashes!). This message is public and private. My love pray without ceasing! You need to deliver this tonight. This is not the Great Shaking but is a major birth pain. Orchestrated by the enemy internally.

Source: FLOWERZZXU/ Deviant Art

A girl dressed in warrior gear…earth tone colors…she is wielding a large sword. The battlefield is covered in casualties and smoke. She is perfectly protected. I believe she is in her glorified body! Even in her warrior gear, I can see a crown of some sort. Then she looks behind her at all that are standing with her, raises her sword high in the sky and then a battle cry of victory goes up! The war is over! You should have heard the roar! I have chills just typing it!! It was intense!”

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