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Earthquake! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen



Hello everybody!

The Lord woke me up tonight!

And I got a vision:

everything was ocher!
I have seen this many times when it is a perfect vision.

Then I saw a busy street.
A little boy stood looking over at me.
Suddenly the earth started to shake.
The whole street moved as if it were a wave.
Like water.
Then deep holes in the ground everywhere.
Real crater.
I saw mountains collapse and literally collapse.
I also saw water …
But that was very imprecise.
It was so much destruction!

I could really feel this quake myself.

This type of vision is so overwhelming and sustainable that you are really in the middle of it.
You experience it.

I asked if it would have happened at that moment or if it would still come?
I also asked if there is a kind of earthquake in people’s lives?

I’ll give it to you on the way!

Ask the LORD what He says to you!

Should it be an earthquake in
your own life: DO BIT!

The LORD’S GRACE will be with you!

Because always remember!
We cannot and must not pray away the judgment.
We can and should pray for mercy in all of this!


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  1. Tim

    Hi Kristina!

    I hope you are well! It’s been a real struggle for me the past few months, but the Lord is bringing me through. He’s showing me more and more, and He gives me inspiration every day😀.

    Regarding the earthquake, your words tell me you are getting it! Keep asking Him for more details! The closer your relationship is with Him, the deeper your understanding will get, and the more prepared you will be for the great shaking.

    I pray that ALL would have ears to hear!

    Take care, and my prayers go out to you!

    Your friend and brother,

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